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In the middle of the United States, stands a boarding school, standing in the Great Plains, a average sized beige building served as the main school and the buildings surrounding it were the dorms, now all the dorm buildings were twice the size of the average hotel, and each dorm room houses the dorm family, which as you can guess, consist of a group of students and a dorm parent, who acts as a surrogate parent during the students enrollment. The boarding school has no official name, but it is nicknamed by the masses as Chimera School because it's environment felt like a mix of a school and a summer camp.

A adult male around 25 years of age stood in front of a bedroom door, knocking gently before entering "Wake up my children" he said affectionately as he shook the two sleeping figures in the beds, one lets out a grunt before getting up, she had hair dyed forest green and strange looking eyes, her right was a dark pink-violet while her left eye was the yin yang symbol, she looks at him, "Morning Kai" he says cheerfully, giving her a gentle kiss on her forehead, a black dog-like creature with 3 heads gets up and climbs onto Kai's bed, pawing at her face, "Damn you Gunther" she says.

The figure in the other bed gets up, she had red hair and her eyes were strange also, one of a medicinal cross and the other was teal, "Here Markus" a huge bear lumbers over and rests it's enormous head on her lap. "Alright you 4 get up so we can get to the showers" their dorm father said cheerfully, as they slipped out of bed, they stretch before grabbing their towels and other shower essentials, they slip on their bathroom sandals before shuffling to the communal showers.

"You would think that with dorms that are 982 square feet they would put showers but apparently not" the red-head named Sam said as she scrubbed herself down, Kai shrugs as she shaved her legs, her green hair was tied up because she didn't feel like washing it, "At least we get sulfur water bathhouses" Kai points out, their dorm sister Flora came over "Morning" she says as she attempts to rise conditioner out of her hair, Flora's familiar a large hawk-like bird was resting on her shoulder, cleaning itself, sticking it's wings out to get some splashes of water to help clean. Kai looks down at her own familiar, who was resting all 3 of his heads on the floor, just letting the water and leftover soap hit him like a express carwash, "You are the most lazy hellhound I have ever met" Kai says, she looks over at Sam who was scrubbing down her own familiar, a large bear that was 24 feet in length and 13 ft tall at the shoulders, that was only when Markus the bear was on all fours, it was a different story when he stood on his hind legs, monstrosity stood 27 feet when on his hind legs, his head was huge too measuring at about 75.3 inches, he was almost all black with a frosty white crest near his neck, and his paws were like baseball gloves for giants. "Need help?" Kai asked as she finished shaving, Sam shook her head "Markus only needs a basic scrub down for now" Sam said, Kai shrugs before patting Gunther to follow her out of the showers, Kai grabbed her towel and wrapped her towel around her body, she grabbed the other things she brought with her, before heading back to her room.

As Kai headed back to her room, she ran into Linh Duong, he also had come from the male communal showers as evident of him only having a towel on "Morning Kai" he said as he ruffled his hair dry "Morning" Kai said as they continued to walk to their respective rooms. Kai closed the door before throwing her towel off, she put on her underwear first before looking at Gunther, "What's the temperature today?" She asked Gunther stretched, each his heads yawning before saying in a deep raspy voice akin to a 90 year old smoking grandpa "Highest is 60 degrees, lowest is 40 degrees" he proclaimed before walking off to the living room and plopping himself down on Markus' bed, "Thanks" Kai said shaking her head on how lazy her familiar is, she guessed the saying was true, a familiar will begin to mirror their master's personality after a month, thinking about it as she slipped on some pants, she felt bad for the mages who were stubborn because that meant that their familiars were stubborn. Kai continued to get dressed, putting on some thick fuzzy mismatched socks, skirt and some shirts before finishing it off with a large sweater with huge pockets, she slipped on her messenger bag, tied her hair in her usual style, and put on some shoes before calling to Gunther.

The two begin to walk out the door when they ran into Sam "You do realize we have 30 minutes right?" Sam says as she slips into the apartment "The earlier the better" Kai says as she walks away, she hears her door close before Gunther speaks "Wonder what's for breakfast" Kai looks at him, "You only eat raw meat for breakfast" she points out, he grunts as they continue to walk to the mess hall, they enter and she sits down at her group table, waiting for her dorm siblings to arrive. While she waited she began to look through her textbook, reviewing some notes that she took yesterday, she felt someone sitting next to her, she looks up and it's her dorm sibling Kira Ayakashi "Morning" Kira mutters with her eyes closed, "Morning Kira" Kai replied running her fingers through Kira's waves, Kira slowly opens her eyes, her left eye is black while her right eye has a white skull symbol. Kira smiles revealing her newly painted black teeth "Got your teeth done?" Kai asked pointing out her teeth "Woke up early to do it" Kira said as their other dorm siblings arrived "What's for breakfast?" Flora asked as Kira checked her teeth, with a spoon, to make sure the lacquering was consistent, Sam arrived last "We're having ribeye steak, eggs, cheese potatoes, toast, mixed greens and melon balls" she announced as she sat down.

All the other students finally arrived trickling in slowly like a sink that was barely turned on, after giving thanks to the cooks, they sat down and began to enjoy their breakfast. Kai smacked Gunther every time he attempted to eat her cheesy baked potato, a dorm parent suddenly came over and beckoned for their dorm parent Wodan to follow them, Wodan assured them that he would return before leaving, Kai looked at Gunther who was attempting to look like a cute sweetie-pie, "You're annoying" she said before dropping him a piece of medium rare ribeye, he wagged his tail before gobbling it up before yelping and whimpering "You put hot sauce on that! You bastard!" He said accusingly, she shrugged before smirking "Well if you think about it Gunther, my parents weren't married when I was born" she said before feeling Kira tugged on her clothes "Is it a odd day or even day?" Kira said as she dipped a piece of steak in her runny egg yolk, "Even day, so human lessons" Kai explained Kira nods in a understanding manner, before returning her attention to her yolk coated steak.

Wodan returned with a giant grin on his face, and a camera in one hand, he appeared to be super happy that he didn't realize he was stepping on Kira's familiar, which growls "Sorry! Sorry!" Wodan says stepping slowly, Kira reaches down and commands her familiar, a Nue, to sit up, her familiar obliges while looking at Wodan "Okay, so we've gotten the go ahead to do outdoor cooking, and to use the sulfur bathhouse" all four of the dorm siblings murmured in unison "Also Kai" Wodan reaches into the pocket of his hoodie, he pulled out a lanyard with her ID attached "You're now able to do commissions, first one is during our break" he says as he placed it around her neck, he also takes the camera and hands it to her carefully. "It's a spirit camera" Flora said in awe, Kai examines it "Nice" was all she said before finishing her breakfast, "You're first spot is a house on Chrysta Avenue" Wodan said as Kai finished her orange juice.

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