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"Are we there yet?" Lilly asked for the fifth time in a minute.

"Babe you just asked that 10 seconds ago"

"Sorry. I'm just so excited."

"I know baby,we're almost there. Hang in there beautiful" Mario smiled as he casted a side glance at his girlfriend.


°two hours later°

Lilly's phone vibrated and she went to see the notification. It was a text message from a number she didnt recognize. Puzzled, She unlocked her iphone with her finger print and pressed the imessage app.

What is the new guys name? Oh wait i know! Mario, isn't that right Lilly? You think you can get away from me? Think again. Beware. Bitch

Who are you?

Don't worry about that, worry about watching your back.

Srsly who tf are you?

Lilly didn't get a text back. She couldnt shake the feeling that she probably knew who it was. She knew something might have happened when she starts to date another guy. She worries Mario may get hurt. Shit what the fuck am i gonna do? She wondered. "We're pulling into the parking lot riiiiiggggghhhhhtttt!" Mario had a huge grin on his face as he said that.

"OH MY GOD YESSS FINALLY" lilly shouted. "I AM SO PUMPED FOR THIS" but she was still slightly thinking about the messages. She couldn't shake that feeling. That unfamiliar feeling, but she knew something was wrong. She chose to ignore it.

"...You give me purpose..." Justin was singing and lilly was sitting in the second row. Mesmerized by how much better his voice sounds in concert, live and on stage.

"Babe thank you so much for making this happen. I love you so much" She looked over at mario as she said that, with a big smile.

"Anything for my baby" Mario winked. Lilly turned back to Justin and as she did so, she grabed Mario's hand and squeezed it, he squeezed her hand back. Lilly then grabbed her phone with her free hand and turned on her camera from the lock screen, then pointed it at Justin, hitting the record button. As if on cue just turned around walking torwards her as he was singing. Lilly held her hand out for him. He noticed her hand right away and gently grabbed it. He looked at lilly, smiled then looked into her eyes. He slowly backed away and started dancing with his dancers. Lilly screamed and then smiled. She looked at Mario and he had his phone his in hand. He snapped a picture of the moment his girl was smiling so wide and blushing.


The lights turned on and everyone started getting up to leave. "Babe seriously. Thank you so much for this. I love you SO much. Oh my god" Lilly said as he grabbed his hand.

"I'm glad you enjoyed finally seeing him. But now it's my turn to get all the attention baby" Mario chuckled. "You hungry?"

"You know it" Lilly smiled. Just then she bumped into a brown haired boy.

"Watch where you're going, Bitch!" Said the boy. He looked at Lilly. "Oh sorry my bad. Let me try that again. Watch you're going, Okay?"

"It's no problem, I'm sorry. My fault, wasn't paying attention." Lilly waved her hand to dismiss the incident.

"Girl, you're so pretty and i love your outfit, it's cute and you look good in it" The boy smiled. "Oh and I'm ryan"

"I'm mario" Mario interrupted.

"Ooh, Who's the lucky boy with you?" Ryan looked at lilly.

"He's my boyfriend, he bought me here tonight. Also my name is lilly"

"Mario! That's so nice of you! Mind if i get a picture with Lilly?"

"Sure" Mario shrugged although he didnt like that Ryan was talking to lilly. Ryan hands him his phone. Lilly and i are gonna talk about this later he thought as he snapped the picture.

"Thank you so much" Ryan smiled at Mario. "I'm gonna post this later, Lilly what is your insta?" He looked at lilly. Lilly told him her username and talked to Ryan for a few more minutes. Then they all went their separate ways.

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