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Lilly was petting her dog, Bruno when her phone rung. Bruno's ears perked up and he looked over at Lilly as she reached for it. Mario is calling. Lilly cleared her throat. "Hey!" Lilly said cheerfully. "What's up?" She asked.

"Oh nothing" Mario replied as he smiled. "How was your day?"

"Eh. Not so good" She shrugged. She didn't exactly have a good day.

"Aweh. My little baby didn't have a good day?"

"Mhm no" Lilly nodded. All of a sudden. She heard a knock on her balcony. She looked over and it was Mario, in one hand was his phone and in the other he had a shopping bag,a box of pizza,a smaller box on top and then a package of bread.

"Hi" Mario smiled at Lilly as he said that into the phone.

"You could have came to the front door" she said through her phone and hung up. She opened the door for him.

"Now that would just be less romantic" he pointed out.

"True" Lilly shrugged "but you know I love you so" she smiled.

"That you do" he replied, setting the things on her bed. "Hi Bruno! You been a good boy? Huh? You been a good boy?" He baby talked to him. He then pulled a few dog treats out of his jacket pocket and fed it to Bruno. He looked at Lilly who was eating a slice of pizza. "I got you something" he smiled.

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