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"Okay,I'm back!" Ashely walked into the room. Mario slightly jumped. Lilly wondered why he jumped.

"So?" Mario asked "Is everything alright?"

"I've got to go home" Ashley replied "My older sister just came to visit from college and she was wondering where I was" Ashley glanced at Lilly as Lilly's eyes got wide. Ashley knew she couldn't leave her with Mario,in his house,alone and with no one to watch out for her. They barely know enough about him to confirm he's not a serial killer or a rapist or just stupid kid who likes to bully others.

"Give Meredith a hug for me" Lilly replied.

"Or you can just come with?" Ashely asked.

"It's okay" Mario said "we've got other days to hang out,plus I think it'd be good to see Meredith before she heads back out" he smiled.

"Then I guess we should probably get going" Lilly sighed and stood up. "Here Bruno" Bruno walked towards Lilly and she put the leach on. "Do you want me to put the bowl in the sink on my way out? She asked Mario.

"Uh. No I've got it,Thank you though" he waved his hand to dismiss it. "But before you go"

"Yeah?" Lilly asked.

"May I get your number?" He smiled. "We could make plans to hang out again?"

"Sure" Lilly smiled.

"Mario seems like a nice person,I don't see what he did to put you in a hospital" Ashley says as she nudges Lilly. Lilly rolled her eyes.

"That is so not the point" She replied.

"Whatever" Ashley said. "At least he's cute,You guys would be hella cute together" Lilly looked at Ashley and Ashley winked. They were near Ashely's house and they could see Meredith sitting on the porch wait for the girls.

"ASHLEY! LILLY!" Meredith happily shouted when she looked up. "Long time no see. You guys look cuter than the last time I saw you"

"Yeah well. We try our best" Ashely said as Meredith got up to pet Bruno.

"So,Spill the beans girls. What's the 411?" Meredith asked. "What's happening? Lilly glanced at Ashley unsure if she wanted to tell her about Mario thing.

"Lilly has a boy thing going on" Ashley did anyways. Lilly nudges her and Meredith raises her eyebrows.

"Is he cute? Who is he? C'mon Lilly" Meredith pressed for more information.

"Okay it starts with this one dream..." Lilly began.


Meredith sighed.  "What?" Lilly asked.

"It's amazing" Meredith replied. "He's real,how though?"  Lilly shrugged.

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