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"Wanna get in dry clothes and meet back up with us for lunch?" Mario asked the girls.

"Yeah sure. That'd be great" Ashely answered. Lilly smiled. More like she smiled at Mario. Mario smiled back.

The girls turned and walked the direction to Lilly's house. "I saw that!" Ashley said as she lightly hit Lilly's arm "what was that about?" She asked.

"Nothing" Lilly smiled.

"Girl. If you don't tell me right now!" Ashely demanded.

"Oh. What the hell your my friend so um...Mario asked me out on a date" Lilly blushed.

"Ooooh. Get it!" Ashley beamed. "What y'all doing"

"Just uh...going to the fair near the river walk" Lilly responded. The girls stepped on her porch and Lilly unlocked the door. They changed into dry clothes. Lilly and Mario eventually went into the water with everyone else and didn't bother to take the dry clothes off before getting wet. Ashely changed into a pair of leggings,a band t-shirt and a grey cardigan with her chuck taylors. Lilly changed into skinny jeans,a white t-shirt and black Adidas jacket with her black Nikes. They heard a knock on the door.

"Must be the boys" Ashley said. "That was quick"

"Yeah" Lilly replied as she quickly put her hair in a pony tail.

"Ready?" Mario asked.

"Yep" Ashley and Lilly said at the same time. They laughed. 

"Where do you guys wanna eat?" Mario asked every one.

"Pizza hut" Julian said.

"I agree with Julian" Ashley replied.

"Eh. I want McDonald's" Jovani says.

"I am actually craving some Panda Express" Lilly smirked. "And I think that everyone can agree that Chinese food is better than pizza and McDonald's"

"What you going with?" Ashley asked Mario.

"That's a hard one" Mario replied. Mario really loves his pizza. But Panda Express was the bomb. "I think I'll go with Panda Express" he smiled.


They walked downtown to Panda Express. The boys had offered to pay for the girl's food. They politely accepted. Once they got their food they decided to eat outside.

"So Mario" Julian looked at Mario "how'd you get to meet these cute girlies?" He asked while smiling at the girls.

"Lilly's the one who got hit with the football you threw,idiot" Mario smiled then rolled his eyes.

"I did that?" Julian asked. Lilly nodded. "I'm sorry"

"That was awhile ago,I'm fine" she smiled.

"Julian you're an idiot" Jovani laughed.

"Shut up Jovani, I don't see you trying to get a girl's attention with anything"

"Oh yeah. That's because I'm not an idiot who thought the football would land near her" Ashley was laughing.

"Sorry guys. Fight over Ashley. I've got Lilly" Mario announced.

"What?!" Julian exclaimed.

"Ooooh" Ashley looked at Lilly.

"Jeez. See what you did?" Jovani poked Julian. Lilly was blushing. Mario winked at her. Mario took her hand and helped her out of her seat. They went on a walk.

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