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Mario's phone rung. Mario paused the game he was playing and looked at his lock screen. It was a text from Lilly.

-Need to go shopping for my mother. Can you give me a ride plz? :) -

-Sure! :p be there soon!- Mario replied. Tomorrow was Mother's Day. He shut his game system off and put his controller on the shelf and grabbed his keys.


"Hey!" Lilly cheerfully said as Mario pulled up into the driveway.

"Ready to go?" Mario smiled.

"Yes. Of course!" She jumped into the passenger seat and put her seat buckle on. Mario backed out and headed to the mall.

"So how was your day?" Mario asked.

"Pretty good, what about yours?" Lilly asked.

"The same." Mario smiled.

"Have you gotten anything for your mom yet?" Lilly asked.

"Actually no, not yet" He replied. "I don't know what to get"

"Just think about the things she likes" Lilly said "or maybe just take her out to eat"

"That sounds good" Mario nodded. They have reached the mall and are now finding a parking space.

"Over there" Lilly pointed at a space that wasn't too far from the doors. Mario went there and shut the car off.

"Alright. Which shop first?" Mario asked as they got out of the car.

"Bath and body works" Lilly replied. Her mother loved their lotions and such. They smelled really good.

"Lets go" Mario made a beeline for the entrance and opened the door for Lilly. "Ladies first" he winked. Lilly smiled at him.


"I'm hungry" Mario said bored.

"Alright. Let's stop at subway. I think I'm done now" Lilly replied.

"Yay!" Mario excitedly said. Lilly smiled. "How's Ashley?" Mario asked.

"Pretty good." She replied. "I think she's going after Jovani or whatever twin."

"I heard Julian likes your guy's friend Taylor"

"Really? Why do I not know this?" She asked.

"Dunno" Mario shrugged.

"Finally!" Mario sighed. "Thank you!"

"No problem" Lilly smiled. They finally found the perfect gift for his mother" Mario smiled and just looked at Lilly. "What?" She asked.

"Lilly,will you be my girlfriend?" Mario asked with a serious face. Lilly looked at Mario. Her eyes were twinkling. Mario loved when her eyes twinkled.

"Yes" she said finally. "Yes, I will be your girlfriend" Mario smiled. He hugged Lilly.


"Thank you for the ride Mario!" Lilly said as she unbuckled her seat belt. She leaned over and hugged him.

"No problem" Mario hugged her tightly. "I'm glad I could be of help and that you're finally mine"

"Me too" Lilly smiled. She got out of the car while she grabbed her bags from the floor of the passenger side. "I'll see you soon" she closed the door and walked up the walk way to her porch. Mario watched her walk. Then she turned around and waved. Mario waved back. Then he drove off.

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