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"Lilly!!" Called her mom up the stairs. Lilly groaned as she pulled on her shoes and grabbed her phone. Lilly was a short mexican girl with dark Brown eyes and long black hair.

"Coming" she said as her foot hit the last step of the stairs and walked into the hallway where her mom was standing by the door. They both walked out of the door and her mom locked the door as Lilly waited by the car. They were going shopping.


Lilly sent her mom a text message asking where she was,She lost her mom. Lilly turned the corner and bumped into someone. "Ouch" Lilly said. The person she bumped into took a step back and rubbed his head. "Sorry" Lilly apologized.

"It's okay" Said the boy. He was a slightly tall boy with dark brown hair and dark green eyes. Lilly glanced at him then looked at her phone screen to make sure the screen hasn't cracked when it fell out of her hands as she collided with the boy.

"I'm Mario" he introduced himself while offering his hand to shake.

"Lilly" she said shaking his hand. Then she pushed the power button and looked at her lock screen.

"Expecting something?" Mario asked curiously.

"Uh...yeah,I lost my mom in here" Lilly laughed.

"You're not alone,I lost my friends here too" he laughed. They both started walking as they laughed a bit then His phone rung. It was a factime call from a boy named jonas.
"Where are you?!" Jonas asked.

"Um...i don't know" Mario replied while looking around.

"Who is she?" Jonas askes noticing Lilly.

"Oh that's Lilly" He said. "She lost her mom". Jonas chuckled and two other boys showed up in the screen. "Lilly,That's Julian on the left and Jovani on the other side of Jonas" Mario introduced them as the twins waved. They all talked for a bit until they found each other in the toys aisles.

"Bro look at this" Said Jovani...Or Julian,Lilly couldn't tell. One of the twins were pointing to a shelf of ninja turtle masks. Mario put one on his face then walked further down the aisle to the star wars lightsabers and started chasing everyone and Jonas just stood there behind Mario recording. Pretty soon Lilly and the others were running around the store in ninja turtle masks and Lightsabers.


Lilly groaned then laughed. "What?" the boys asked one by one.

"I just got my mom's text,She left me at the store. She like totally forgot about me" she laughed again while the boys smiled and chuckled. "She'll be here in like 10 mins" Said Lilly.

"Okay" the boys replied. They all continued playing around then in the last 2 mins they all went to the front of the store and waited in the parking lot. A car honked and it was Lilly's mom.

"I'm so sorry baby" Lilly's mom said when her window was rolled down about half way.

"It's okay mom" Lilly sighed as she was about to walk to the other side of the car.

"Wait" Mario said as Lilly looked back confused. "Can i get your number?" Mario smiled.

"Sure" Lilly replied smiling back. After that Lilly took off with her mom to go back home.


"Who were they?" her mom asked.

"Boys i met at the store while i waited for you" Lilly replied.

"Their names?" Her mom asked.

"Mario is the one who asked for my number,The blonde one is Jonas and the twins are Jovani and Julian"

"That Mario kid,He's cute"  Lilly rolled her eyes after her mom said that. They got home then Lilly helped her mom prepare dinner.


Lilly stepped out of the shower,dried off and put her colthes on. She was wearing camouflage leggings with a white croptop,white vans and black sweater tied around her waist. She then went downstairs to get breakfast. She saw a note on the kitchen table.
'I'll be working late tonight,Here's some money to order pizza. Love,Mom' the note had said. Lilly picked up the money that was sitting by the paper and put it in her phone case since she didn't have any pockets. She ate her breakfast then went into the living room to watch TV.Just then her phone rung,It was Mario. She answered with a cheery hello.

"Hey,I was just wondering if you'd like to hang out today at the movies?" Mario asked.
"Sure,why not?" lilly replied.

"Cool,So uh...I'll come get you at 7:30. What's your address so i can come get you?" Mario asked. Lilly gave him her address then they disscussed what movie they were to see.

"I honestly don't know" lilly said. "Whatever movie you want to see is fine by me"

"You sure?"

"I'm sure"

"Alright then" Mario sighed. "I'll be there at 7:30,Be ready"

"I will" Lilly said laughing a bit. "I'll see you then" she hung up. Then continued watching Vampire Diaries.


'Hey I'm on my way in like 20 mins,See you soon ;)' -Mario.

Lilly set her phone down after she read the text message,She fixed her makeup and put on her favorite purfume. Then went to the bathroom to straighten her hair. About fifteen minutes later she hears a knock on her front door. "COMING" Lilly shouted not sure that Mario heard her then shut off her hair straightener and unplugged it. She grabbed her purse,phone and phone charger then headed to the door. "Hi" Lilly said opening the door and locking it after she closed it behind her.

"Hey" Mario said staring at her after she finished.

"What?" Lilly looked down at her outfit.

"Nothing" Mario shook his head. "Shall we?" he asked holding out his arm. Lilly took it and they both walked to the car where his mom was waiting.

"You look beautiful tonight" His mom said as they both climbed into the car.

"Thank you" Lilly replied with a smile.

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