isnt it enough

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isn't it enough,

that i give my all,

that i give my heart,

that i give my love,

i'll give my soul,

if i have to,

just to be with you,

just to make sure your happy,

just to make sure your not hurt,

to make you happy,

would be a dream come true,

to give you all you need,

that would be a miracle,

to have you love me,

as much as i love you,

would be incredible,

isnt it enough,

that my soul flies to you,

in times of need,

my soul searches for your,

hoping, praying,

it'll be able to keep you safe,

to have you reach for me,

as i reach for you,

to have your heart beat,

as much as mine does next to me,

that would be a bliss,

just to hear you say:

i love you,

that would be my heaven,

cause i love you too.

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