the tears have arrived

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how can you stop the tears,

once they arrive,

how can you heal your heart,

once its been broken,

how can you keep your identity,

once you break it,

how can you stop the pain,

once its taken over,

how can you fix glass,

when everything has smashed,

how can you stop a river from flowing,

when all bounderies are gone,

tell me,

how can we be one,

when we are only half?,

why do we have two hands,

two feet,

two ears,

two lungs,

two eyes,

and only one heart?

We aren't full,

we aren't one.

tell me,

how can the tears be stopped,

once they have overpowered you?

how can love

not be a curse,

how can sadness,

be a threat,

how can loneliness,

be seen as bad?

how can hatred,

lead to love,

how can anger,

lead to sorrow,

how can friendship,

lead to marriage,

how can we keep up?

how can we stay true,

when all around us is false?

how can we lead a full life,

when everything around us,


how can we be one,

if only half of us exists?

answer me this will you,

will my love for you

die down?

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