This Coat

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holding on to everything i know,

hoping, wishing,

it wont never ever go away,

holding, wishing hoping,

clawing back every memory,

holding on to dear moments,

praying, listening,

keeping you close,

snatching every second,

keeping every kiss,

making a wish,

with a swiss

of a coat,

you're gone,

holding every memory,

clawing my lips,

snatching up the coat,

cause thats all i have left from you,

this coat, keeps me going,

keeps me alive,

until the day,

the day when you return,

thats the day,

when all hope,

when all happiness,

when every memory,

will come back,

every emotion,

will flood me,

overwhelm me,

reignite my fire,

restart my heart.

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