As dawn comes

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As dawn comes,

A fire inside of me,

Steadily grows,

Steadily brightens.

A never ending,

Never lasting light,

though it is always there,

It's dims, goes out,

Has to be awaken,

As the sun rises higher,

So does my soul,

Bouncing, jumping,

Having fun,

Always free,

Always limited,

Having so much fun,

Being all it wants to be,

Just to be free,

As the suns begins to set,

I will begin to let,

My heart take over,

The love that is holding back,

Comes out now,

When no-one is around,

My heart yearns for someone,

When no-one is around,

The Irony.

The high moon is up now,

The fullness of the moon,

Contradicts my heart,

Though my heart luminates,

It luminates only for you,

Only your presence feeds it,

As dawn comes,

The fire grows brighter again.

Claiming all.

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