Another Moment x

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Another moment x

Just another moment,

Another kiss,

Another Hug,

Another lie,

Just wait another moment,

I hold on to you,

To life,

To everything,

You are my everything,

My heart, my soul,

But to you,

I am another Lie,

Just one more moment,

One more touch,

Another second,

But why,

I am just a lie,

So why do I ask for more,

Why wait another moment,

If I am nothing,

Then why wait, one more moment,

Why have, one more touch,

One more hug,

One more kiss,

There is one lie,

That is always told,

You don't love me,

But you wait,

One more moment,

One more minute,

One more Second,

You wait,

One more hug,

One more kiss,

All in one more moment.

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