what if?

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what if my only love

never comes,

what if my true love

was never here,

what if he's hiding,

and never appears,

what shall i do?

where shall i go?

what then...

is the purpose of my life?

and where shall all my love go?

what if he hates me,

what if he doesnt care,

what if hes scared of me,

and never dare

... to come out and face me,

to show me he's here,

what if i never find him?

what if i die?

what would he do?

would he even care?

will that love tell him

im not even there,

what if he's too young,

what if he's too old,

what if my dad dont like him,

what will he be told?

will i ever find true love?

can i ever find true love?

if my heart is too broken,

to let anyone in?

can i ever it?

please tell me someone,

tell me that you care,

tell that you'll always be here,

for me to love,

and to care


sorry if this depresses anyone,

i was feeling really sad and lonely when i wrote this,

please forgive me if it makes you feel low :(

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