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Most days in my life, usually include me taking a tour in the dungeons, but today I was ashamed. I had let a man of the magic clan escape like an idiot right under my eyes, not to forget him taking off with my scroll.

My eyes fluttered open, as I found my servant standing above my bed holding a glass of water.

I sat up on my bed and stared at her.

"Good morning your Highness." she greeted me.

"It's not a good morning." I snorted in annoyance.

"But it is a good morning, the weather is beautiful, everything is per-"

"STOP!" I yelled knocking off the glass of water in annoyance. The water spilt all over my night gown and my bedsheets.

My nostrils flared and the servant cowered and stuttered, trying to apologise.

"I'm s-sorry."

"You're sorry, huh? I'll truly make you sorry! You shall-"

"I'm so sorry your Highness! Please, Please forgive me." she begged as she wiped her tears away.

I took a deep breath. She dared to interrupt the Queen. Nobody gets away with insulting the Queen. Nobody.

"You dare to interrupt the Queen. You shall take twenty five whips and-"

"Please, please your Highness." she cowered at my feet.

"AGAIN! You shall take fifty whips now, and you shall have to do the laundry for the whole palace for three hundred and fifty moons."

She got up on her feet and waded her way out.

"COME HERE!" I yelled infuriated at the way she had left.

She slowly walked back in.

"You have not bowed, or apologised to the Queen. HOW DARE YOU! You shall be whipped fifty times everyday for three fifty moons, while you do the laundry for seven hundred moons."

"Sorry, your Highness!" she bowed and ran quickly out the door, sniffing furiously.

I hated these servants! Always spoiling my mornings!

I stood up from my bed and walked to the mirror. I looked beautiful, as usual. I slowly took off my night gown in front of the mirror as I stared at my beautiful curvy body. I felt like having a bath first thing in the morning today.

I walked up slowly to the other side of the room and opened my closet. I walked up to the side where my bathrobes are kept and picked the juicy red one for today. I slowly let the silk bathrobe slide onto my soft white skin and walked up to the mirror and admired my beautiful self.

Honestly, me torturing that lady who the magic mirror claimed as most beautiful, indeed was the best decision of my life. I chuckled at the thought.

I was so furious that day, when the soldiers brought the woman along, I had drawn my dagger eagerly and ran it across her face so many times, her face was almost unrecognisable. I smiled at the thought of her ugly face.

She dared to cry out in pain, as I tore her face apart, so I got her gagged and hung the disgraceful being in front of the palace for the whole kingdom to see.

If I'm right her mate came over to the palace and tried insulting me, and he followed her fate.

They both surprisingly survived for six months straight, hanging there, until they died of starvation.

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