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It had been almost twenty four hours since I'd been abducted. I lay in the bed unable to move anywhere past my room or scream and he came up to me a few hours later and stripped off the duct tape and handed me two loaves of bread.

I stared intently at the bread. He could have poisoned it.

"Eat." he told me.

"Take them off." I said moving my hands at my back slightly.

He bent down slightly and unlocked them.

He had brilliant green eyes. He was slim and had pale white skin.

I stretched my numb arms and began to eat. I had just taken a single bite out of it, when I heard a loud banging.

He looked at me with suspicious eyes.

"I did not-"

He puffed out breath in exasperation and stuck the duct tape back at my mouth, half way through my sentence, and grabbed me and dragged me along till the door.

"Open the door, like normal. You make one wrong step, I will stab you from the back." he said brandishing a sharp blade at my face, and ripped off the duct tape from my face.

"I need a deal for that." I said, as the banging grew louder.

He grew tense and blurted, "What is it?"

"You cannot handcuff me, and I can move around."

"NO!" he said sternly and quickly dragged me back to the room and duct taped me hastily. "You will pay for this!" he said infuriated and handcuffed my hands roughly to the back.

He shut my door and ran swiftly to the opened the banging door. He had forgotten to unlock the door.

I slowly walked up to the door and opened it an inch to peep through it.

He had opened the door, and was now talking. I recognised the voice as my friend Luna.

"Hello." he greeted her.

"Hey. Where's Zara? Who're you?"

"I'm her date. Zara's in there, wanna come and see?"

Luna raised one eyebrow. "Zara doesn't date. She doesn't believe in it."

My heart raced, if only she could save me from this crazy killer.

"Yeah, well, but here I am." he smiled trying to give her the assuring smile.

"Can I come in?" she asked, trying to peep in.

"Sure." he said and directed her inside.

I tried to close the door before he noticed me peering, but he saw me with those brilliant green eyes of his.

He directed her towards my bedroom and I backed off silently, and sat at my bed. Once Luna entered she gasped audibly, looking at me. She was about to scream, but he knocked her hard on the head.

"You called for this." he said pointing at me.

He dragged her across to the other room, as I ran behind him.

He stopped one he was inside the kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife in the rack. My heart skipped a beat, and I looked at him with begging eyes. Tears rolled down my cheeks.

He stopped to look at me once, and then he dropped the knife.

He stood up straight and placed his hands on his hips.

"So I'm gonna make one deal with you now." he said.

I nodded in relief.

"You listen to what I have to say and do what I ask you to." he said.

I nodded in desperation.

He gave me a weird sort of smirk.

"Look, I lack empathy, I don't understand any of that thing you feel for your friend. I want you to do what I tell you. Or I suspend your friend's head next to that." he says pointing to the other head.

I nod in approval and he takes a deep breath in. He walks up to the other head, careful not to step on the blood. He picks it off the hook and places it down.

I cringe at the sight.

He digs in his pockets and whips out a second hand cuff and handcuffs Luna's limp hands to the back.

He drags her along to my bedroom and drops her to the ground, as I follow.

He sucks in a deep breath, and looks at me. He walks up to me and comes up close to me and whispers, "Upon the day the moon doesn't fall, a suspicious accident shall bring an age of change. When the day comes that the sky erupts, the banished one shall bring an era of sorrow. As soon as the sky turns to ice, it shall bring a vicious war. When the sky is thick with water, a strengthening of bonds shall tend to an era of death. It shall be the death of soft red hues and those who shall stay by its side."

I look at him with questioning eyes. He smiles at me with his flashy perfect teeth. "A strengthening of bonds." he says and gags Luna with tape and leaves.

I stare into my window. All the curtains had been pulled close and the room was dark, except for scrawny amounts of sunlight entering from the cracks.

I look at Luna, who lies limply on the floor, in an extremely uncomfortable position. I destruct lives. That's what I do. I nearly got my bestfriend killed.

I walk up to her and try to adjust her into a more comfortable position with my feet.

Anger burns through me. How dare he? How can people be so ruthless? I swear to myself that I shall not die without killing that man. That wretched man, he shall die in my hands.

I cry my heart out unable to handle all this emotion. "My tears shall be avenged for." I tell myself.

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