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I loaded my trunk carefully, and stepped into my car as I slowly heard my engine roar to life.

I drove in silence, mainly because no one was accompanying me. It was too dangerous to bring Zara along. One misstep, and I was roast.

The other girl was knocked out hard and there was no way she was waking up in the next few hours.

It feels amazing riding like this in the dead of the night. It's like the world has silenced just for you. I took a deep breath as I let this thought linger.

For about the next couple minutes it was shunned silence that filled me when suddenly I heard a bike race past, its engine thrumming threateningly. I hated bikers who did that.

I had reached the neighbourhood park. I slowly parked my car and leapt out of my car in silence, as I lifted the plastic cover out of the trunk, listening to the slight crackle of it.

I walked slowly to the monkey bars. Despite me making the best efforts to be noiseless, I could hear every ounce of sound of leaves scrunching under my feet.

I whipped out the head, looking around cautiously. I carefully run the rope in and tied it facing my car's direction.

I looked around once more, to make sure nobody had caught me doing that. I took a deep breath and stumbled into my car. Despite me taking those pills to stay awake, my eyes yearned to lull into sleep, shutting down my system.

I drove back slowly, it was pitch dark and sleep threatened to make my world darker. It seemed to take forever to reach back.

Once Vega falls into my trap, I shall have to hold them in a different place, and I also have to find some thing to do about that girl Luna.

I kept my mind occupied by dwelling on what should be my next step, because one mistake can bring it all down. The prophecy was to be carried out by someone, and I had been the Red Queen's prisoner since the start of her reign, after she had killed the White Queen. Hence, banished one.

My mind ran back to times when the war was on. Both sisters had put up a tough fight, but the White Queen played with tough integrity and the Red Queen, as always played wrong, and won the war.

Once the Red Queen had won the war, I decided it was time to escape, once and for all, but the guards were pretty quick, along with the court magician to lend a hand.

For years, I couldn't break the binding spell he had put on me, as he kept renewing it, but one thing I could do was switch worlds.

All my life, I've served people. I've done quests of all sorts, invented new spells for the monarchy, destroyed curses of all sorts, but once I switched worlds, my magic stopped.

I couldn't let those sparks of magic flow, and ease my mind. I couldn't simply move from one place to another by ashing out and reforming. My mind raged and I realised my personality had changed.

I was a psychopath, and I had to kill to soothe the rage. I killed the first time in this world and it felt so good. My soul had replenished and the weight on my back had disintegrated, but then I realised laws were different here.

You got punished for killing, apparently. It didn't work like that in the monarchy, because if it did, the Red Queen would be serving about a hundred lifetimes in "jail".

I realised I couldn't stay in this world forever, because the police had started to track me out, so whenever I felt sick of being chained in the dungeons, I would switch to this world, kill and immediately switch back.

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