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What do the categories mean? 

Each category is based on views and genre. For example, yellow-action does not compete against red-action or yellow-fantasy. Each category has been sculpted to give everyone a fair chance at winning. 

Is everyone in a genre competing against each other?

Refer to the last question :)

What if my book goes over the limit for my colored category?

I will personally check each submission for its authenticity, if you fall into the red category when you apply, with 900 views, but later gain enough views to push you into the orange category, I will decide and notify you whether your book will be moved or stay in its category. 

Can I be a judge?

Unfortunately, I already have all the judges I will need for these awards. 

Who is judging my book?

A selective team of judges who are very good at what they do. 

When can I expect the results of these awards?

By August 31st, 2018, at the very latest. 

Are LGBT and mature content allowed?

Yes. Any and all is welcome. 

What are the prizes for winning/rankings?

They will be listed in an additional chapter, titled 'Prizes'.

How will I know if my form has been accepted?

You will receive a reply from this account if there was a problem or if you were accepted. 

Can I nominate other people for these awards?

Absolutely! In fact, it's encouraged! The nominated author must agree to participate, though. 

If you have any other questions, at all, please comment below so I may add it to the list. 

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