Rules And Regulations

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Every book is eligible to participate in The Perfect Awards, but there are a few rules you must abide by. That being said, here are some rules that you must comply with to make the judging and reading of your book much easier. 

First of all, please follow this account, @ThePerfectAwards . I know that following a huge number of accounts for a contest can be tedious and annoying, but this just makes the lives of the admins easier, so it is a must. But, this is the only account you will need to follow during the process of the awards. 

Secondly, please fill out the forms completely and in the right category for your book. 

A reminder: Please add this book to your library/public reading list so you may be notified of any and all updates, as soon as you fill out a form. 

Anyways, these are the rules that your book must fall under, which are as minimal as possible. 

~Your book must have at least five chapters, including prologues and epilogues, but not including author's notes. 

-You can enter as many books as you want, but only 3 within the same category. For example, I may enter seven of my books, but I can only enter three in the action genre, the other four must fall within other genres. 

-Your book can have any amount of views, votes, and comments, but please register it under the correct category. 

~Each category will be closed after 10 entries are received. OR by July 1st, 2018.

-A category refers to the genre and the selected color that corresponds to the number of views. 

The colors that serve as separations between undiscovered and discovered books, are as follows:

Red: 0-1000 views

Orange: 1000-5000 views

Yellow: 5000-20000 views

Green: 20000-50000 views

Blue: 50000-100000 views

Purple: 100000-500000 views

Pink: 500000+ views. 

After this chapter, will be separate chapters for each color. In your selected category, leave an inline comment next to the genre that your book falls under. 

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