Special Shoutouts

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This section will be dedicated to books that needed to be moved up to a new category because their views are increasing! I've caught a few of them myself, but if you need to be moved up please PM this account so you can be placed properly and I'll add you to this page :) 

Please, please check out these wonderful stories. They must be doing something right, right? 

Perfect Children by: miss-horrifying  [Horror]

The Art Shop by: livandEXO   [Random]

Birth of the Raven by: crazyMorbidity  [Fantasy]

Dresses by: RainbowNumber587  [Short Story]

Dancing Darkness by: Ariana_Ethan  [Mystery/Thriller]

Holding Myself Together by: Panicsprey  [Poetry]

Star Wars: I Am a Slave by: sapphireAlena [Fanfiction]

(Disclaimer: I have not personally read all of these books, I am just very excited that they are receiving recognition for the work the authors have put into them and they are gaining in popularity. I'm sorry if you're book is not on this list but it likely will be soon, hopefully :) Thanks!}

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