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This category is for books with 20k-50k views. If your book does not fall between this, please look into another chapter.

In an inline comment, please fill out the following form in one complete comment next to your desired category.


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Action: [0/10]

Adventure: [0/10]

ChickLit: [0/10]

Fanfiction: [3/10]

Fantasy: [0/10]

General Fiction: [1/10]

Historical Fiction: [0/10]

Horror: [0/10]

Humor: [0/10]

Mystery/Thriller: [0/10]

Non-Fiction: [1/10]

Paranormal: [0/10]

Poetry: [0/10]

Random: [0/10]

Romance: [0/10]

Science Fiction: [0/10]

Short Story: [0/10]

Spiritual: [0/10]

Teen Fiction: [1/10]

Vampire: [0/10]

Werewolf: [1/10]

Thank you for your entries, and the best of luck to you and your book!

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