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The sound of voices downstairs sent a frenzy of terror through my body. Not only was it getting darker by the minute outside, but it was also awfully quiet in this house. That was proven true when I heard the creaking of the staircase below us.

"Think they've already been here?" one muffled voice asked.

"It's likely," the other answered farther away. "But the boss wants us to check, so."

The sound of someone ascending the stairs sent Melissa and I into a state of panic. We quickly searched for an escape, but realized there was nowhere to go. At least not yet.

So, Melissa shoved me into a closet and shut the door behind her.

It was nearly pitch black. Footsteps approached slowly as the floorboards squealed under heavy boots. The loudest thing was probably my heart and shallowed breathing. God, why couldn't I get it under control?

Melissa moved slightly, and another creak made her stop immediately.

We could hear the footsteps in the room besides ours. Slow and steady, as if he was trying to sniff us out of hiding like a bloodhound. I could only pray they weren't checking every nook and cranny of this dusty old house.

I moved my hand and came into contact with what felt to be a cobweb, nearly losing my composure. I sucked in a tight breath only to have Melissa's hand slap over my mouth in response.

Then the man entered our room.

I slowed my breathing as I listened to his boots skim across the old wooden floors. From what I could see through the cracks of the closet door, he was studying the final letter Paige had written me.

"Jeez," he said.

At this, I realized Paige was even crazy to this bounty hunter of a man.

But when he turned, the gun in his right hand was blatantly noticeable, and my heart clenched at the sight.

I remained still with fear, unable to even look over at Melissa to signal he had a gun. I just hoped she could see the same thing I could from where she was.

I closed my eyes and wondered if a prayer would do any good. I figured it couldn't do any harm, considering the situation.

The movement of the floorboards under his heavy feet continued as he seemed to be making his way back towards the door. If we could just wait them out...

Then a cramp shot up my leg from the strained position. I shifted in pain as a small creak echoed through the eerily silent house. I clenched my fists.

The man's footsteps stopped. I could hear him breathing, that's how quiet it was. I tried to ignore the pain riding up and down my leg as I slowly allowed a deep breath to escape my nose.

He turned back around, as if his instincts were telling him to check the closet. That was the only way he could make sure it wasn't just his imagination, right?

As he moved closer I already knew that this was it. We were about to have to fight for our lives one more time to get out of here. Dad was right. Maybe we should've waited for him to get back.

I could see the man through the cracks again. He was eyeing the closet warily, but he was set on checking it now. His job was to make sure we weren't here, and the only way to do his job correctly was to leave no stone unturned.

I looked at Melissa who was already looking at me. We were on the same page. I mouthed the word "gun" to her, which she understood, even through the dark.

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