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Everything in my body was hot with anticipation as we waited to enter the prison grounds. All my mind could focus on were the two unregistered handguns in my backseat. I felt my hands shake against the steering wheel.

"Everything's gonna be fine," Melissa reassured. "Just be cool."

"I am being cool."

"Well, be even more cool."

I rolled up to the guard waiting in the booth.

"Who are you visiting today?" he asked.

"Dave Stanley," I stated.

The guard checked his list and then pointed. "Take a left at the fork. He's in low-security so you'll just need a valid ID."

My heart sighed in relief.

"Thank you."

I pulled forward and rolled up my window. Okay, things were going well so far. I was basically halfway there already.

When the car was parked, I looked at Melissa.

"Is this a stupid idea?" I wondered.

A sympathetic look crossed her features.

"It wouldn't hurt to try."

I exhaled and nodded before I exited the car.

The dry cold touched my skin as the warmth from the car left my body. I shivered and pulled my jacket tighter against my back.

We let ourselves into the building, following the lead of the people in front of us. If we blended in and acted like we were supposed to be here, no one would become suspicious. I tried to calm my heart rate as I walked up to the desk.

"Who are you visiting today?" the woman asked.

"Dave Stanley," I answered.

My fingers played with my ID nervously.

"And you are?"

"Paige Stanley." Chill, Alexa. "His daughter."

"Do you have your ID?"

I revealed the card and slid it over the counter. The night Alvin had given it to me I had studied it endlessly. There had been no clear indication it was fake other than the knowledge that it was.

The woman studied it a little longer than what I was comfortable with. Was there something I had missed? Did she know I was a fraud?

I looked back at Melissa nervously.

"Alright, Miss Stanley..."

I focused back on the guard behind the window.

"Here's your name tag." She slid me the clip-on. "The inmates are already in the visitation room. You'll have thirty minutes."

My eyes found Melissa again as she gave me an encouraging smile and nod. I allowed my shoulders to relax as I followed a few people into the visiting room.

Tables and chairs were filled with people talking with men in orange jumpsuits. My eager eyes scanned the room for the man I hadn't seen in months. I wondered if he still looked the same or if he was a bit rougher around the edges now that he was here.

Then I spotted him.

He hadn't noticed me yet, but I knew it wouldn't be long. Would he cause a scene? Flip a table and try to attack me? Would he reveal my real name? Or would he be willing to hear me out?

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