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I tore through the kitchen and scrambled to locate the cellphone that was hidden somewhere in my duffel bag. Was Paige calling me? Was she reaching out? Was she finally ready to end this once and for all?

Finally, my hand came into contact with the cold piece of metal. My finger stabbed the answer button as I paced back to the kitchen in one motion.

"Paige," I growled.


My heart stopped in my chest. Alvin, Melissa and my father could see the pain in my eyes.

"Alexa, is that you?"

I closed my eyes as tears fell down my face. The sound of my sister's voice sent waves of relief through my body. She was alive.

"Y-Yes," I whispered. "Anna, yes, it's me!"

My dad's face lit up as I tried to refocus through the tears clouding my vision.

"Keep her talking," Alvin mouthed. "I'm gonna try and track the call."

I gave a nod.

"Alexa, I'm so scared," Anna whimpered. "Please, find me. Please-"

Her voice disappeared all too soon as I hung onto the phone with a death grip.

"Anna?" I pleaded. "Anna!"

"She's fine," Paige's voice came through. "For now, at least."

Suddenly my relief turned to raging anger.

"Where are you keeping her?" I growled.

"Just some old house." I could hear her move on the other side. "Don't worry, we're cozy."

Alvin gave me the signal to keep her on the line.

"We can end this now," I stated. "This is between me and you, Paige."

"Oh, yeah, of course," she said. "But I have one more thing I need to show you."

"What?" I asked. "What is it?!"

Then the line went dead. She had hung up.

"Fuck," I cursed, looking at Alvin. "Did you get it."

"I got some coordinates," he claimed.

Then, the phone buzzed in my hand. She had sent a text message.

I opened it and realized it was another address. My eyes rolled at the thought of another piece of Paige's life coming to attention.

"It's just another address," I announced.

"Wait," Alvin said as he typed into his computer. "The address is the same location as the coordinates I got."

"Which means she's there, right now," Melissa claimed.

"We need to leave." I shoved the cellphone into my pocket but my dad grabbed me. I looked up. "Let me go," I ordered.

"The address is four-and-a-half hours away from here," he said.


"And Paige will not be there when you get to that address." His worried eyes scanned mine. "I'll call in a chopper to bring me and Alvin to Los Angeles. Chapman needs to see this drive. We'll be back in six hours. Then we'll leave-"

"Six hours!" I protested. "Anna can't wait six more hours!"

"The world might not be able to wait six more hours either, Alexa," Alvin included. "It sounded like Victoria was getting close to what they need to set all of this off."

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