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We rode in darkness for what felt like years but, in reality, was probably only for about thirty minutes. It was taking everything I had in me not to have an anxiety attack, but I knew Melissa was probably struggling even more. I hated that I couldn't reach out and comfort her. I just hoped my presence eased some of her worry.

We would get out of this. We just had to.

"Yes, we have them," one of the nameless men claimed. I assumed he was on the phone. "We're driving up now."

My heart climbed to my throat as I felt the speed of the car shift again. We were slowing down. There was a turn, and then another, then we slowly came to a halt. The pounding in my head amplified and was now deafening.

The door next to me opened.

"Let's go."

I was manhandled out of the car and led through the cold night. I tried to rely on my other senses, but things were silent. The cold masked any scent there may have been in the air.

Then there was an opening of a door, warmth, and then more walking. I still couldn't hear anything but the padding of four pairs of feet. Was that cement floors? Okay, maybe we were in a warehouse of some sort. Maybe we were somewhere in town where there were more people.

But it was likely I was wrong.

Another door closed behind us, and then we stopped walking. My fists were clenched in anticipation. What the hell were they planning on doing with us?

Then the sack on my head was removed and I took in our surroundings. We were in what seemed to be an office, but I wasn't sure.

The room held nothing but a few chairs, a desk, and a computer. The clock on the wall read 1:42. I looked over and saw Melissa standing next to me with her hands cuffed behind her back. She pulled against them anxiously.

One man stood at the door with his hands linked in front of him. He held his gun towards the ground as he observed us.

The other began to take off our cuffs. I quickly began to devise a plan, but knew I would need to be careful. If I made one wrong move, I was sure my life would be ended in a heartbeat.

I dropped my hands to my sides as the metal around my wrists was removed. Subconsciously, I wanted to reach up and gouge this man's eyes out, but Baldy over there by the door was the only factor preventing me from doing so.

If I could just get my hands on a gun...

"Our boss is on his way," the man next to me said.

"Late to his own party?" I jabbed.

The silence in the room was deafening.

Melissa and I watched the two guards leave the room and shut the door. Then the sound of a lock made me realize we weren't going anywhere. For now.

Melissa moved closer. "Where the hell are we?"

"Good question," I said while I looked around. "You wouldn't have happened to grab your lock picks before leaving?"

She frowned. "I was a little busy trying not to piss off the guy with the gun to my head."


I quickly wondered once this was all said and done, what would happen to us? The two men had mentioned a proposition, but there was no way in hell it could be anything good. Especially if this had to do with Victoria.

I crept around towards the door and pressed my ear to it. I didn't hear anything for a minute, until two mumbled voices cut through the silence. They were definitely guarding the door.

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