Chapter 1

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"Ahem." You faked a cough, hitting the table with your fist. Donna raised a brow, giving you a look that made you want to regret your decision of doing that. You raised a brow back, and April taps her pen on the table.

"Guys! I want this dog park!" She quints as she points the pen at you. Swishing and flicking, she whispers, "Snails crawling out of your ears."

You frown, slowly taking your attention away from April to the whole meeting room.

"Like I said before-!" You cut off, movement from the corner of you eye catching your attention. You turn, looking out the window to the left. There were two men in suits, both exceptionally good looking. You sighed, shaking your head, storming out of the room. Despite the looks, these two men were state auditors.

"... cut the budget fifty percent."

You glanced at a smiling Ron before turning back to the men. "What the hell?! Why can't we do a different department?" You stammered a bit, thinking of ways to cut the budget elsewhere. Department of Health? Education? Those couldn't be that important.

You started naming a few before the man put his hand up. The other looked across to his clipboard, and smiled at you. He was much nicer already.
"We apologize...?"

"(Y/N), go on."

"We apologize—(Y/N)—and all of the Parks department for this devastating news. But please don't worry! You are all amazing-"

The other handsome man interrupted. "We walked into the wrong room, this department is free from budget cuts. Excuse us."

As they started walking out, you stopped them. "What are your guys's names?" Your excuse was to report them for their mistake. Yes, dumb, but it was all you could come up with at the time.

"My name is Chris Traeger." He smiled happily, which made you feel warm, yet deeply self conscious. You turn to the other man, who was still looking down at his clipboard, a furrow in his brows.

"Ben Wyatt."

You nodded, realizing your silly shy feelings we're not from Traeger but from Ben. He seemed mean, tough. No mercy. That he wouldn't take no for an answer.

You sigh, turning on your heel back to Ron as the two auditors left.

"Damn, maybe I'll ask him to cut our budget anyway." He frowned, turning back to his office and shutting the door.

You walk back into the meeting room.

"Who were they?" Tom asked. You wipe your forehead, trying not to think about anything at the moment.

"State auditors from Indianapolis. They came in the wrong room for budget cuts."

Donna harrumphed, typing something rapidly on her phone. "We dodged a bullettttt."

You shrug, "Maybe, I have a feeling they'll come back, though."

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