Chapter 4

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Today was your second day after being fired, and to be honest it was lonely for you. You sat on the kitchen counter, eating plain corn flakes. You had tried to make it taste better by pouring some honey on it, but it dissolved quickly, leaving a mushy mess.

You checked your phone. A missed call from Ron. Huh, wow. He actually calls people? You wondered. You clicked on the voicemail.

"... Come to the office. We need-" It ended, just like that. You frown, replaying it. Same thing. Then, you imagined Ron not knowing how to control an "electric rectangle" as he used to call it, and you smiled.

Well, you've got nothing better to do, why not get dressed and pay the 'ol City Hall a visit?

You were in your bedroom in the middle of changing shirts when a knock sounded at the door. You quickly put the professional shirt on and answer the door.

Ben Wyatt.

"Ben? What are you doing here?" You poke your head out, looking at him. He held a sticky note in front of him.

"Is this the house of '(Y/N) (L/N)'?" He looks up. Obviously. You nod, trying to be nice despite the fact he had fired you. "I'm here to talk about your job.-"

You interrupted him, "How do you know where I live?"

"Oh, um. I asked April." He shrugged. "Originally she gave me the address to a burned down haunted house. It was such a tight schedule yesterday I couldn't ask her for the real one until today."

"Oh, well." You glanced inside before turning back to him. "Wanna come inside? I'll cook up a pizza." You push the door open wider and he walks in.

"Eh, I'm more of a calzone type of guy."

You stare at him. Calzones? They are just pizzas that are harder to eat. But you say nothing. Though, you catch him staring at you.

"Do you always wear sweatpants and a professional button-up shirt?"

You chuckle. "It's the new fashion." He laughs, a little 'meheh'. He furrows his eyebrows, (something you found he did quite often) glancing at the floor before turning to you.

"Hey, do you wanna grab a beer and talk instead?" He shoves his hands in his pockets as you thought for a moment.

"Why not? I'll get changed for real this time."

"Great, I'll be outside... In my car..." He says as he steps outside. Sighing, you walk back to your room and finish changing.

You locked your front door on the way out, turning away and running down the steps. You saw Ben in his car not long after, and he waved.

You waved back as you walked over and stepped inside the vehicle.

"I know a great place." He said as he began driving.

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