Chapter 5

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The ride over to the bar with you and Ben was quite interesting. At a stop sign he noticed a cop car behind him and tensed up. The police pressed the horn because he had forgotten to start moving. Scared the crap out of him. It was really funny though, he had told you he was deathly afraid of cops, despite doing nothing wrong except an occasional J-walk.

.,;,,;,. (Time Skip)

You both sat next to each other on a stool, drinking beer. You sighed after a long swig, turning to him. "Why'd you fire me, Benji?" You were jumping right in, but a little too drunk to care about the embarrassing nickname.

"I said it before. There was no need for two leaders of the Park's Department." Ben said, setting down the glass.

You rolled your eyes, resting your head in your hand. You stared at him.

Ben crinkled his nose, glancing at you awkwardly—face flushing—before taking another sip, "Do you want to know what it's like at the office?"

You nod.

"Well, the first day was an absolute disaster without you. But-"

Interrupting him, you slap your hand on the table. "Why don't you give me my job back, then?"

Ben frowned. "You didn't let me finish. I was going to say that they got it together the day after. Sorry." You groan, resting your head on the table.

"Look, I know you miss your friends at work, but I'm sure you'll visit them often. You seem like that kind of person who wouldn't just give up." His arm twitched; he had second thoughts about putting his hand on your shoulder. He said instead, "They're working harder now. Just a little bit."

You smile, all the bad feelings about him seeming to wash away. He seemed genuinely apologetic about the loss of your job.

Suddenly, Ben checked his watch. "Ah, crap. Lunch break is almost over. Better give you a ride back home."

"Oh! Yeah, right!" You stand up quickly, straightening your back as you grab your purse. Ben leaves money on the table before rushing out of the bar behind you.


Ben parks in front of your house.

"Thanks for the beer and the ride." You wave, opening the car door and stepping out. Ben shrugs.

"Anytime, (Y/N). It was nice hanging out with you." He waves back as you both smile. Shutting the car door, you wave one last time before he drives away.

You walked up the steps to your house, your face hot.

Oh God, you think, opening the front door and walking into the living room. You plopped down on the couch, sighing. It was probably the drunkenness that made you think all the wrong things.

It was such a small amount of time, it seemed. You did have fun, though. Was it his urge to leave that made things so rushed? Did he even have an urge to leave? You groan, thinking it over and over.

To catch feelings or to not catch feelings? That is the question.

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