Chapter 6

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It's been a long week.

You turned off the television, checking your phone. No new notifications. Maybe it would be a good idea to pay the ol' City Hall a visit. For real this time.

You got together your keys, phone, wallet, etc. after changing into an attire less of an eye-sore.

You headed out of the door, locking it, and stepping into your car. You turned it on, turning the volume up to find your favorite song on the radio. You happily drove to City Hall, tapping the wheel to the beat.

.,;,,;,. (Time skip)


The doors were locked. You shook the handles, trying to open it. City Hall was never locked except for the nights. You peered through the door window, seeing a dark, empty hallway.


You sputtered in shock, spinning around to face none other than Ben Wyatt, who seemed to be startled by your yell. You laughed awkwardly, trying to ease things into a state of calmness.

"H-hey Ben!" You leaned against the door, shrugging and chuckling. "Whaddya—what—What are you doing here? Dude?" Your face suddenly faded into a disgusted grimace of regret, or like you just ate 20 lemons at once.

"I could ask you the same question. Dude."

"I was just trying to see my friends. Why is it locked?"

"Oh, you must not have gotten the message. The government has been shut down until further notice. Turns out conditions were worse than we thought."

You couldn't think of anything to say. Shut down? No way. No. He's lying. You spun around again, trying to open the doors one last time.

You sighed. "Do you wanna get a beer again? Yeah, let's go."

Ben furrowed his eyebrows as you passed him, reluctantly agreeing and following you to his car, one of two in the whole parking lot.


It was like before, yet more relaxed. You both sat next to each other, drinking out of a cold glass.

"That's good beer."

Ben nodded, setting his own glass down. He turned to you.

"Have you ever done something stupid at 18?"

"Stupid? Hmm.." You thought for a moment, one of them was how blunt he was being. "I can't recall, why?"

Ben seemed to regret starting the conversation, "Well, when I was 18 I was elected for mayor. But right after I was impeached because I bankrupted the town trying to make a skating rink called "Ice Town."

You accidentally let out a laugh. "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't mean to be ru-"

"No! It's funny, you can laugh!" Ben exclaimed, sharing a few chuckles of his own.

"I remember reading that somewhere a while back," you took a swig. "Funny stuff."

Ben finished his drink, looking at you. You hadn't noticed until a full minute later, and you blushed.


"Oh, nothing..." he replied, looking away. He brought his cup to his lips again, but after realizing he had already drank it all, sighed and set it back down awkwardly.

You checked your watch, "Well, it was awesome hanging out with you, Ben, are you free for dinner Friday night?"

Ben sort of shrugged. It seemed like he didn't know what to do with his hands. "Oh, yeah, sorry, I can't. Business... stuff."

You frowned slightly. What business was there when the City Hall was shut down? Yet, you quickly changed your expression to a smile.

"Alright, well, that's okay. Mind giving me a ride back to my car at the City Hall?"

Ben nodded, "Sure." and led you outside for a ride.

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