Chapter 3

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You sigh and it turned to a groan as you covered your head in your hands.

"Hello, (Y/N)! Why aren't you in the office?"

You looked up to see Jerry. "I'm planning to murder someone, Jerry. Give me some privacy!" You tended to act like April when talking to him. He stood, shocked, then rushed away.

You pulled your phone out of your pocket-

"(Y/N). (L/N)." You looked up to see two finger guns pointed at you, and the man who owned them was smiling.

You awkwardly pointed back. "Chris Traeger!"

"Funny seeing you not in the office!"

You nodded, standing up, saying "likewise."

"Oh, no, I'm on my ten mile run. Ben's taking care of things." He waves, running off.

Ugh, I'm getting sick of these state auditors. You rush back to the office to see everyone gathered around the table, their attention suddenly switching from Ben to you.

"Uh, hello." You say. Ben turns around.
"Oh hey. We're just discussing what needs to be done to the Parks department."

You walk over to join the group. The only one out of the group of astonished faces was Ron. Of course, giggling and smiling.

Ben looked at his clipboard, scribbling things down. "Let's see... We don't need two leaders of this department." He hesitated, then regained his authority. It obviously meant Ron... and you.

"(Y/N), gone."

"No no no no! You can't fire (Y/N)!" Donna said.

"She does all the work around here, you can't!" Tom begged.

"She keeps everything in check!" Ron demanded.

You stood dumbfounded, your job lost.

"That's exactly why we need her gone. You guys need to be able to do things yourselves... With less payment." Ben explained, and you frowned. You really started to hate him. Traeger less, but he was the one who fed you guys to the wolf.

You stomped into your office, packing things up. Your eyes watered as you heard the crew complaining and asking him to change his mind. You carried your box out of the room.

"Uh oh, no." Ben looked over the small crowd and at your box. "You've been fired, you can't take your work files home."

You dropped the box. You heard a crack or two, but didn't care. You parted the crowd, passing Ben. "Excuse me for a second." He said to the department, following you outside the hall.

"(Y/N)! Wait!"

You turned around as he rushed up to you. Your frown deepened, "What do you want now?!"

"Can you stay until I'm done? I need to talk to you."

You almost laughed at the absurd request. Scoffing instead, you stepped backwards, pointing at him. "You are the last person I want to talk to right now."

He stood dumbfounded as you turned away and walked out of City Hall.

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