Chapter 2

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The meeting went... Well, horribly. Nothing really gets done nowadays. Donna's on her phone. April's busy messing with people. Tom's-

You crashed into someone, stumbling to the ground and hitting your butt. People gasp, but weirdly continue walking.

(Y/N)'s busy worrying about other people.

"Oh God, are you okay?"

Your vision cleared to see two handsome auditors. Huh, twins. Wait, no. They merged into one, handsome auditor. What was his name, Wyatt? Ben. Ben Wyatt.

He offered his hand and you took it, being helped up.

"Sorry, did I hurt you?" He asks. You stare directly at his face.

No! He asked you a question!

"Oh yeah, I'm fine. You didn't- I mean no, you-" You stuttered too much you gave up, sighing, shaking your head. Your struggles made him laugh, though.

"Heh, when I get dizzy I... get dizzy..." He itched his neck—failing miserably to try and sympathize—and you laughed awkwardly. However, this wasn't a time for laughs. This was a state auditor, and he was here to wreak havoc on the whole town.

"So, how did the other department react when you said you were gonna slash their budgets?" You asked sharply, returning to your normal attitude in city hall.

"Yeah... About that... We were right all along, we we're supposed to cut the Park's budget."

"Ugh!" You shove him, and he steps back, a look of confusion and concern on his face. "Sorry." You turn around, wiping your forehead.

"Ben Wyatt, was it?" You waved a hand, acting like you didn't care. "I've got better things to do. Bye." You lied, rushing away from him. You could feel his eyes on you until you turned the corner. You sit on a bench next to a tall window, sighing.

You have to stay strong, you tell yourself. Why waste time worrying over some dumb auditors? Best to keep a calm and collected state of mind for the chaos when it comes.

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