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Naomi's cover up on top of her yellow one piece. And the song that goes with this piece.

This piece was inspired by Everything everything the movie. It was so cute I fell in love with it and even more when I found out it was based on a book!! The raw love between youngsters showed how love doesn't have a definition or a time span. Love is what you define it as. Also that life is a gamble with fate.

"Every ocean deserves to be seen by you"-Olly from Everything everything.

Ocean waves crashed softly. Five in the morning and the sun was finally starting to come up. There was no sound of people, only her breathing.

There was no wind, no breeze as Naomi sat marveling in her new found freedoms. Of being able to travel again to Hawaii for the third time except with no fear. She was trying to grasp her newfound reality.

The sky was picturesque. Illuminated by pinks, oranges and reds shining bright as if coming out the ocean. Entrancing just as it had been the first time. She kept hope that he would come. It hadn't even been six months since he left. Since they parted.

And so she sat, perched upon the cliff, legs dangling as the waves of nostalgia came crashing down drowning her. Removing her white cover up she sat, skin on show. Her chocolate skin glowing from the early rays of the morning sun.

She was crazy to jump off this cliff once upon a time without knowing how to swim. The way he would catch her and kiss her. Soft yet addictive. Or the way his eyes subconsciously raked her body the time she bought her first ever bathing suit. Yellow, perhaps that's why it became her favorite color. Perhaps why she wore it now.

She remembered their first night. The sun coming down as she splayed across their bed. Her chocolate mocha skin on fire from the softest feather touches. The way he rocked them until the early morning, taking care of her every need. He looked at her as though she was the only girl in the world.

Sighing she checked her phone for the hundredth time. There was never any reply although she sent the text two weeks ago. He knew exactly where she would be. Her message reflected every word he had said that made her fall deeper in love him.

" An ocean is only deserving of happy memories. spoiler alert: love is worthy and deserving."

It was 10 minutes past now and she was starting to doubt whether it was all a waste of time.

Gathering whatever remained of her already broken heart, she took in the beach that will only ever hold her fondest memories. She was hell bent on keeping it so.Standing she started to brush off the invisible dust before walking. Her knees felt weak as she felt sick. He didn't come.

She paid no attention as she walked down the cliff and started her trek across the white silky sand. Her head bowed low she paid no attention to her surroundings anymore. She didn't need to.Nor did she realise the figure stood in her path determination shining in his eyes.

Westlyn sat on the beach watching her. His brown eyes could tell her out as she sat on the cliff waiting for him. He knew from her message where he would find her. Hawaii held their best memories. A spur of the moment trip that had got them into serious trouble.But it had been worth it.

Naomi looked just as he remembered. Her smooth chocolate skin glowed under the rays from the sun. He could picture every curve and hidden scar. Conjure every placement of every freckle to mar her body.He smiled to himself when he saw she was wearing yellow.

The day he had first seen her in beach wear forever imprinted in his mind. He made a fool of himself when he stood just gawking. But how could he not? She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

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