2|| Harry

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"Three thousand eight hundred sixty four... three thousand eight hundred sixty five... three thousand eight hundred sixty six..."

"Would you cut it out?" Hermione yelled, snapping her book shut.

Ron lifted his head to look at her. "What else should I do?"

"Hm, let me think," Hermione shot sarcastically. "What could possibly be better than counting out the seconds from lunch to dinner? Go play quidditch with Piper, Jason, Annabeth, Fred, and George! Or do your summer homework! Which, by the way, has not left your trunk at all this summer."

"Besides, it's a simple mathematic equation," said Annabeth from the floor. "Lunch and dinner are precisely seven and a half hours from each other, from twelve to seven thirty, which is four hundred fifty minutes apart. Four fifty times sixty is twenty seven thousand."

"Cut the smart stuff," Piper said from next to Annabeth. "It's your turn."

Annabeth didn't look down. "Nico's going to win anyways," she said. "Mythomagic is like his domain."

"And Frank's," said Nico, watching a tiny Poseidon action figure battle a tiny Zeus action figure. Thanks to Hermione, they now actually moved, and it appeared the brother rivalry did not stop at being thumb sized plastic models.

The door opened. "Hey guys," Leo said.

Piper flew off the ground. "LEO!" she shouted, throwing her arms around the son of Hephaestus. Then she pulled away, wrapped her fist around his shirt, and yanked him off the ground. "HOW COULD YOU BE SUCH AN IDIOT?"




"What's going on?" Another voice asked. Nico's face grew very very red.


"WHO ARE THEY?" Hermione asked.

"WHY ARE WE YELLING?" Screamed Ron.

"BE QUIET!" Chiron's voice boomed through the room. They fell silent. Only then did they realize they had awoken Mrs. Black again, but her screams were even drowned out by them. The centaur rubbed his temples then smiled tiredly at them all. "As you can see, Leo and Will are here."

Nico's face was still very very red.

"Yeah, we noticed," Thalia said.

"How?" Hazel asked in amazement.

"It's complicated, if you take in the factors of time and death and magic," said Chiron. (A/N basically I've given up trying to explain the whole time thing because I keep confusing myself in it too, so just go with it. This is fanfiction. Loopholes are okay)

"Well, I'm not complaining," Frank said. "I'm glad you're not dead." He briefly hugged Leo. Leo looked immensely surprised and awkwardly patted him back.

"Yeah, well it's going to take a lot more than Thanatos's black iPad to hold me," he joked.

"Hold up. Pause. Rewind." Ron made a time-out sign. "Who are you two?"

"I'll let you get acquainted," Chiron said quietly, backing out of the room. No one noticed him.

"This is Will Solace," Piper introduced. "And that's--"

"Supreme Commander Flaming McShizzle," Leo introduced. Annabeth rolled her eyes.

"You really have to introduce yourself that way, don't you?" she muttered. Leo shot her a cheeky grin.

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