❝A house divided against itself cannot stand.❞

❝Especially if it's made out of playing cards.❞

Every person is born with one of four tattoos: a heart, a diamond, a spade or a club. The tattoo is located behind your left shoulder and designates which sector of the city you will live in and provide services for.

The dystopian society of Arcana is divided into quarters according to the tattoos: the Heart Quarter, the Diamond Quarter, the Spade Quarter, and the Club Quarter. Each sector is dedicated to a specific role that provides equality and distributes prosperity throughout the city.

The Heart Quarter specializes in power and government. They rule over Arcana with their natural born leaders and make all important decisions. The Diamond Quarter is in control of the economy and wellness of the city. They provide currency circulation and fund Arcana. The Spade Quarter is the defense sector of the city. They specialize in army and battle training. The Club Quarter is in charge of agriculture and food produce. They provide all of the essentials an Arcanon needs to live.

You're assigned a duty for life based upon the tattoo you get. Hearts represent power. Diamonds represent economy. Spades represent defense. Clubs represent produce.

Arcana's society isn't all too complex.

But what were to happen if you weren't born with a tattoo at all? 

This is the story of bare skin, a struggling society, and a brewing revolution.

This is the story of Niall Horan.


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