Tell Me Everything

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Julian's POV

I stare down at the paper in front of me. It contains all the mysteries surrounding my dad.

Robert W. Hemingway



Birth Date-6/23/56 at 10:32 in the evening

Death Date-10/27/99 at 7:49 in the morning

Cause Of death-Homicide/car accident

Location-Alpena Regional Hospital

Living Relatives/Descendants-Marie Hemmingway (mother)

Brandon Hemmingway (Brother) Rose Hemmingway (wife) Madison Hemmingway (1st born Daughter) Juliana Hemmingway (2nd Born Daughter)

"So, this 'Car accident' wasn't an accident at all?"

"No, the people who got you tried to, and successfully killed your father to get the fortune." the lawyer says

"So, what's this 'fortune' anyway?"

"Well, your dad inherited a lot of money from his family and it was never used up" she says

"So how much is left?" Madison asks

"About 6 million dollars. That would be 2 million for each of you." she says

"Wow, I never knew about this. How much was in there originally?"

"10 million." my mom says

Our eyes go wide. I look at my sister, then back at the lawyer.

"Mom, this is amazing! Why did you never tell us about this?" Madison says

"I thought that if you never knew, you'd be safer than if you did" my mom says

Wow, what could I do with 2 million dollars?

"Well, Now that that's settled. Thank you for coming In. The money will be transferred to your accounts shortly." she says

I thank her and join the others outside. I give them hugs and climb into the car. I hear my phone ring and pick it up.


"Hey, how'd it go?" Jordan asks

"Well, let's just say I inherited 2 million dollars."

"Wow! Really? What are you going to do with it?"

"Use it to support myself. I'm not gonna go crazy spend-aholic on you."

"Well, I'm glad that you're not gonna let it get to your head." he says

"me too. Ok, I need to focus on driving. See you when I get back."

"Ok, bye." he says as he hangs up.

I slide my phone into my pocket and look out the window. It was such a beautiful day. I feel like a gigantic burden was lifted. I sigh.

I feel like now, I have the best life in the world. Nothing can change it.

Dad, I know now you were there With me the whole time. Through the bad and the good, even when I would doubt myself or you. Thank you, I love you.

Hey Guys! Sorry this was late. I had a bit of a family emergency today. Hope the chapter is to your liking!

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