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| | ❝The night stroke fast. An assassin of the dark. Seizing the day with his army of stars.❞ | |

"Take this" Louis said lowly, handing a large knife to Perrie. She twirled the common kitchen utensil that soon would become a weapon, in her hand. The silver metal glistened in the sunlight as the young girl let out a shaky breathe " L-Louis, I don't think I can do this" She whispered, Louis spun on his heel and glared at the purple haired lass. " You what! You just want to abandon your boyfriend! Leave him there to probably get killed!" He shouted pointing at the back of the large manor where both their lovers were being held captive. Perrie flinched at Louis' harsh tone and shook her head solemnly  as her gaze dropped to the floor, Liam frowned snaking a friendly arm around Perrie's shoulders "Louis, I know this must be hard on you. God, I would probably do the same thing if Niall was in there. But, remember: Zayn's in there as well. So Perrie's going through the same thing. We're not the ones that have took them both, so stop acting like it

Louis huffed, he knew Liam was right to a certain extent, but he wasn't just gonna let Perrie (or anyone) chicken out when they were so close. God knows what horrors Harry - and Zayn- had already been through, God knows what horrors were still to come. God, Louis thought, he used to have a strong belief in him in some sort of way but now he believed in no such saviour. If God really existed, then he wouldn't cause any of the gang to suffer. The Uni Gang, Louis thought, that's what they were. A gang. A strong group that stayed together, through thick and thin. That's exactly what Louis was doing, keeping them together.

Running his hands through his feathery brown locks, Louis let out a long sigh turing to face the others. " Look, I'm sorry guys. It's just, Harry is my life. Everything got so complicated and unpredictable when he showed up, and I like it that way.  But I love him, and I need him" He said softly, reminiscing of all the good times he had spent with Harry over the last month. Perrie, Liam and the blonde irish lad Louis was forced to cohabit with nodded in agreement. By the end of the handing out, every person had a knife but Louis had a large knife and the small black pocket knife his Grandad had given him before him -and his Grandma- passed away.

" Let's go, be careful" Louis said, crouching down in a manor so that if any one peeped out a window, they wouldn't see the brown haired lad. The others did the same as Louis led them to the back door that him and his school-boy friends had sneaked out of on many a feild trips. Louis held the large knife between his teeth as he pushed the red wooden door gently, thinking it would be probably be locked, Jimmy and Greg had to have at least some common sense. Suprisingly, the door swung open silently. Guess they weren't as smart as they made out to be. Louis nodded inside as he stood at a normal height and walked into the old fashioned kitchen quietely. One of the old floor boards groaned, alerted by the sudden weight. The gang froze and Louis looked at the door, just waiting for one of Greg's 'minions' to appear and catch them. No one came.

Letting out a sigh relief, Louis carried on advancing through the kitchen. Just as he neared the giant wooden table in the middle of the large kitchen table covered in various stains, the huge wooden door with an iron handle swung open. A large gruff man stood in the door, clutching a large gun to his chest. His chapped lips stretched into a small, revealing a set of yellow stained teeth and various gaps. The hair from his head was no-where to be seen and he had a large mole on the end of his chin, from where they were stood, it looked as if there was a small hair was growing out of it. Perrie cringed at the site of the huge beast that stood before them. " looky what we have here" His deep voice echoed through the kitchen.

Liam's eyes widened when the large man moved his gun so that it was facing the group of teens " Get down!" He yelled as bullets began disperse from the large gun, the clang of bullets rang in Louis' ears. Lifting his head, Louis glared at the large man, his eyes darkening. He pulled out the large knife from inside the pocket of his leather jacket and before the man could shoot at him and penetrate him with bullets, launched the knife at his leg. A strangled scream escaped the shooter's mouth as he fell to the ground, the gun clattered to the ground and Louis jumped up. Smirking he walked over and picked up the gun, pointing it at the man's head

The man's eyes widened as he looked up at the younger boy " Please! Don't do this! I have children!" He pleaded, clasping his hands together as if he was praying. Not even God can help you now, Louis thought. "Where's Harry?" He asked through clenched teeth. " H-he's in the master bedroom, G-Greg just finished with him" He explained, his hands trembling slightly. A growl rippled through the youngers boy chest like a stone thrown into a lake but he shook his head, he needed to concentrate. "And Zayn?"

The man gulped and stayed silent, Perrie stormed over to the pair. Her nimble fingers clutched around the handle of the knife, and the other clenched into a fist. "Where is he?" She barked, the man flinched at the girl's harsh tone. Girl's should be innocent and cute ( A/N: I don't think this at all ;D ) not fierce and intimidating. "I-in the bathroom in the double bedroom, h-he's hurt bad." The man said quietly, Perrie's face twisted into a scowl as she looked down at the man. " I won't kill you" Louis said, his blue eyes dark and angry " But only because you have kids, you better step up your game or the next time I see you" Louis pointed the gun at the man. The man nodded and before he could scramble up and hobble away on his good leg, smashed the end of the gun in his face.

The unconcious man fell to the ground, as blood cascaded from his nose forming into a pool on the dark wooden floor. Louis didn't even glance back as he walked through the large wooden door the large brute has entered the kithcen from. The others trailing behind him. Louis stood still causing Perrie to bump into the back of jim, but it didn't even faze him " Someone should stay here, just incase" He said simply, Perrie bit down on her glossy lip and nodded gripping the knife handle tighter " I'll stay" Louis nodded as the other pair stood either side of Louis but behind him a bit as Louis held the gun ready to shoot. He looked around and when the coast was clear, began walking up hte large stair case that was covered in a burgandy red carpet.

" Ah Louis, you made it"

And there stood the one man Louis honestly wantd to kill. Greg.

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