Part Two~ The Squad

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                                                     ~~~~~~~ Twenty Years Later~~~~~~~~~

            Kaden's POV

                                              I remember when I was a kid and mom and I would be getting back from a hunting trip. The night sky crystal clear... Beautiful really. That was the one time I would throw a fit to take out my contacts to go to bed, because the night was so beautiful. When mom, dad, and Willow went to bed I would climb out my window and sit on the roof, looking at the stars if mom forgot my contacts in my room. I love the stars, every single one of them. But on those nights it wasn't always peacful or quiet. I heard loud whoops and squeals with laughter.

                         Then I saw the Squad. All these teen  runaways from every kind of District. They flocked to District Twelve because my mother lives here and the Mockingjay was their symbol and that was freedom. Then something stood out from all the running figures in black against the glow of the full moon. A small figure with her nightgown flowing behind her as she jumps across roofs with the teens girnning and squealing.

                             Her blond hair flows in curls of the cool night and then she turned after they stopped. She looked at me with her violet eyes shining. She gives me a grin and wave, I grin back and wave. The Squad is crazy people say, they don't care what people think of them. Girls kiss, boys smoke stuff that makes blue smoke come out their noses and mouths... All I see is the most care free people I've ever seen.

                       I remember people flocking to my mother chiding her about the Squad. So this little girl I would see less and less of at night until suddenly she just disappeared... I've always wondered where she went or what happened to her-

                                                                                   I sit straight up in bed and look around in the darkness with my chest heaving. I feel someones hand on my shoulder. "It's just mom Kaden, you told me to get you up so you could go hunting." I put in my contacts and see my mother, Katniss Mellark. She gives me a smile, showing her age of 50 years... Fifty hard years.

                       She puts her hand on my scruffy cheek and kisses my four head. "You stay safe okay? I'm going back to bed, your father kept me up all night with his snoring." I giggle and nod. "Okay mom." I sit up and stand, making the floor board creeks from the age of the house. I put on my ripped jeans and a black shirt. Then I look at my chair in the corner of the room holding my leather jacket, much like my mothers.

                  I lace up my boots and run down the stairs and out the door into the early spring morning. I jog down the gravel road with a few people waving and I smile, waving back. Really I don't like being in the open to people, I want to be out in the woods. When I grab my bows and arrows from the stump I take my contacts out and grin. The only way I can hunt is by being blind, it helps me concentrate. After thoughts swirl in my mind, which usually never happens when I'm hunting I hear a twig snap and my arrow flies into the direction. "FUCK!!!!!!!" I hear a loud thud and I gasp. "Oh shit! What the fuck is wrong with you?" I put my contacts back in and see a girl with long blond hair and violet eyes, in black clothing with black combat boots with firewood all around her that she dropped. Then I see I shot her in the leg and my mouth drops as I rush over to her. "Oh my god I'm so sorry." I say and she holds her leg with a grimace.

                     "Oh shit, why the hell were you hunting blind dumb ass!" I kneel next to her. "Here let me help you!" She starts crawling back with her violet eyes going wide. "Don't hurt me." Her voice all of the sudden goes small and frightened. "I'm not going to hurt you I promise." I hold out my hand. "Let me help you." Then her boot flies up and hits me square in the face. Blood shoots from my nose and I cry out holding it.  With tears stinging in my eyes I see her try to run but she falls on the ground groaning and screaming. "HELP ME!!!!!!!! PLEASE COME HELP ME!!!!!!!" I rush over to her and scoop her up bridal style as she swats at me angrily and I glare down at her, angry. "I'm not going to hurt you! I'm going to help you!" Then her eyes go back to normal and her bottom lip quivers. "I'm sorry." She whispers with shaky breaths and I frown in confusion.

                         "Why did she do that?" I just nod and keep walking as she holds her leg. When I get back to the house she is shaking with cold and weakness making me scared. The hike back took about four hours, and the sun is now going down. "Hey-" "Raven, my name is Raven." She chatters. "Raven, I'm going to get my mother to get this out of your leg, I'm so sorry." Dry blood is still all over my face and my nose throbs horribly. When I open the door and the smell of freshly baked bread hits me I smile but it quickly drops when I remember Raven. "Mom! I have a problem!" I hear the kitchen get quiet and I can hear her panic raise. "What kind of problem Kaden?"

                       "A girl problem." My mother walks out into the hall and sees us both and the arrow in her leg. She rushes over and covers my mouth and looks into my eyes, her grey ones showing fear. "She can't be seen, get her down into the basement." I rush into the basement. "Peeta lock the doors!" My mother barks and I hear him do so. I set her down on a old bed in the basement where she has fear in her violet eyes. She grips her hand. "You're Kaden Mellark. I know who you are. I know what your mother is. Please I'm in trouble. Help me it might be too late." She gasps and my mother comes down quickly and strokes some blond hair out of her eyes.

                       "That's enough... I know who you and your Squad is, what are you in need of?" She grips my mother's hand and has tears flooding her eyes. "There isn't much time before the Capitol finds me, I'll be hung for what I did, I had to get away MockingJay, they would hurt me and beat me... Including my parents and siblings." I am working on the arrow to get out of her knee and my mother swallows. "You're a runaway from the Capitol, you aren't safe... We need to get you out of here." "I won't be going anywhere!" She yells and then glares at my mother with her violet eyes wide. "I have the Squad and if we have to go to the Capitol and fight, we will... Isn't that something the MockingJay would say?"

                      Raven says that in a mocking tone and my mother looks at me and then at her. "Do what you want, but I am not the leader of this Squad, I wish you all the best of luck." I pull out the arrow but Raven keeps her eyes fixed on my mother. "You promised to help." My mother swallows. "I was young, I can't." Then she walks upstairs and as I wrap her knee I look at her as she has her hand over her eyes. After I do wrap her wound I walk up the stairs as I hear her soft sobs echo through the house. Then I see one thing that I thought I would never see, my mother screaming and yelling outside... At the Capitol.

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