Luca Sulic/ 1cello of the 2CELLOS

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This guy isn't that famous but this is for the few people who know him.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - - - - You are walking down the street carrying your cello in its bag on your back. You are very nervous for the concert you have to play tomorrow. Because you're nervous you don't see a the rock sticking out of the road. You trip and you fall very hard. A guy sees this and runs up to you. He starts babbling very bad English but you can make out: "Are you ok?" He holds out his hand. "Yeah I'm fine." You say. "I'm Luca." he says. "Y/N" you say and you look into his perfect, beautiful eyes. "Do you play cello?" he asks. "Yes." You answer, still captured in his eyes. "I play cello too. I have a band with my friend. Want to come tonight?" He says and he hands you a ticket. It says 2CELLOS. "Here you are." He says and he hands you your cello.


You are on your way to the 2CELLO concert Luca invited you to. You searched them on the Internet and you saw that they are very famous. You hand your ticket to the security guard who scans it and calls his co-worker. "This way ma'am." he says and he leads you to your place. There is a rose on your seat. You pick it up. The note says: "Enjoy the concert, Y/N. kisses, Luca."

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - - - -

It's very short. buuuuut... There will be a sequal. If you don't know 2CELLOS yet, search them on Youtube they're awesome


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