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Youtuber Preferences  by XxMaisyMaixX
Youtuber Preferences by Mäáâåaãi
In this story it will include the youtubers: Pewdiepie (Felix), Markiplier (Mark), Jacksepticeye (Jack), Daniel Howell (Dan) and Amazing Phil (Phil). Yes. Daniel Howell...
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What If Phan Is Real? (A Phanfiction) (Completed) by Danosaur_For_Life
What If Phan Is Real? (A Phanficti...by Danosaur_For_Life
Dan and Phil have been best friends for 5 years now, avoiding Phanfictions and ignoring questions on their relationship. Truth is, it was just to painful for either of t...
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colors ✖ phan by xmarshmallowphan
colors ✖ phanby ※marshmallow.phan※
「COMPLETE」 A boy with a permanently black band finds someone who would want to help them see colors again.
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Bruises. •Phan• by L17E02E
Bruises. •Phan•by 🍵😌
Trigger Warning: physical/mental abuse "You are the mistake that ruined my life"
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Tumblr Crush (Phan) by loveluvu
Tumblr Crush (Phan)by Løvely
Dan Howell and Phil Lester hate each other. Phil always teases Dan and Dan always yells at Phil. Can Tumblr change that?
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Crybaby | Melanie Martinez by mlhcliffordx
Crybaby | Melanie Martinezby Xx
"I guess she really was a crybaby" - She was a girl who loved a boy, He was the boy who didn't want to be loved by her.
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Invisible Magic {Phanfic} by EllieFullOfLove
Invisible Magic {Phanfic}by Hi I’m Ellie
Love is like magic, but it's invisible. Even for Daniel Howell and Philip Lester only the rest of the world can see it but they can't. You can say that they are blinded...
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Dan Howell X Reader Fic: A Different Kinda Boy by -Pumpchkin-
Dan Howell X Reader Fic: A Differe...by Pumpchkin
WARNING: Contains SMUT, fluff, mentions of depression and suicide When you fall out with your roommate you stay at your old friend Phil's place only to end up falling fo...
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Wanted //Danisnotonfire X Reader// by emonizzle
Wanted //Danisnotonfire X Reader//by Emonizzle
In the process of editing so it's less sh!tty Hecka slow updates cause I'm sad and busy boy and if you dm me about it it typically gives me motivation. • A few things y...
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I Will Always Love You Dan And Phil X Reader by SlenderFan2020
I Will Always Love You Dan And Phi...by Gamer Girl
You sit in you room on Tumblr. Nothing new. You suddenly get a notification for YouTube. Dan and Phil up loaded a new video. You click on the notification and it takes y...
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the fight ✖ phan by xmarshmallowphan
the fight ✖ phanby ※marshmallow.phan※
「COMPLETE」 Dan and Phil run into problems. Phil's forced out, and Dan realizes he needs Phil. Will he be able to bring the blue-eyed boy back, or will he be lost forever?
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Gay Vampires (A Phanfiction) by anxyslytherin
Gay Vampires (A Phanfiction)by theAnxiousSlytherin
Dan is a vampire, telling the story of his past and his coven. (Name Credit: heckingwhordan. <---- Go Follow!)
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Things Work Out Eventually // d.h. x reader by LutraLutris
Things Work Out Eventually // d.h...by LutraLutris
I could feel his breath on my skin and I could feel my hands getting sweaty. The only thing I could hear was my pounding heartbeat ringing in my ears. His gaze switched...
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Danisnotonfire / Dan Howell imagines by Heather1512
Danisnotonfire / Dan Howell imagin...by Heather
Just a book of imagines (+ bants) about the cutest little llama dinosaur unicorn kitty hybrid. Look at the cover photo tho. Cute, adorable lil 30000% done Dan. Nawwww...
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Adopted By Dan Howell by Nerd_Lux
Adopted By Dan Howellby My Happy Little Pill...
After the accident,Noel's parents put her up for adoption. She never spoke again. She was usually ignored and resorted to the internet with a small laptop she bought wit...
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Born to Die | phan by heartshapedchevrolet
Born to Die | phanby xoxo
Life is strange. Death is stranger.
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Snapchat - Phan by xXBackwardsBubblesXx
Snapchat - Phanby xXBackwardsBubblesXx
lionphil- is this daniele? danosaur- nope. lionphil- oops. well hey danosaur! danosaur is typing...
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"I'm Sorry I Lied" by Caitlumbia
"I'm Sorry I Lied"by Just Some Teen
Dan Howell x Reader fic written from a request. Hope you like it!
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Dan and Phil songs lyrics by mygoodmatetroye
Dan and Phil songs lyricsby Kristen
Protip needs to stop, and this story contains songs that are about Dan and Phil, the phandom, Dan and Phil related things, or songs that remind me of them. [Leave sugge...
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The Super Amazing Race by UghhhhhhKMN
The Super Amazing Raceby Named
Here is my second try at writing this book, I have scraped the original and that old story in no way correlates to this one.
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