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Invisible Magic {Phanfic} by EllieFullOfLove
Invisible Magic {Phanfic}by Hi I’m Ellie
Love is like magic, but it's invisible. Even for Daniel Howell and Philip Lester only the rest of the world can see it but they can't. You can say that they are blinded...
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Youtubers imagines by xMeMyselfAndLoes
Youtubers imaginesby xMeMyselfAndLoes
Always dreaming about meeting your favourite youtuber? Well guess what. This story might contain an imagine about him/her. If he/she is not in here you can always commen...
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Phan One Shots by lovelyweekes
Phan One Shotsby Babey
Just some one shots I found online and some wrote by me. Credits to Tumblr ^_^
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Clarity by NotYourThyla
Clarityby OwO
Dan and Phil fan fiction. Phan. Dan finally musters up the courage to ask Phil on a date, the only problem is that Phil already has one. Dan gets upset and Phil doesn't...
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The lion that I once loved by to_many_phandoms
The lion that I once lovedby Georgiathecat
"If you loved me then why did you let me go?" I whispered to him. "I... I don't really know. I was scared...I still am a bit. I just don't want to ever l...
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Just Maybe by justalex096
Just Maybeby Alex
Maybe it'll work out, maybe it won't. You'll just have to find out.
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I Hate-d Everything About Myself| A PhanFiction by LevisBored
I Hate-d Everything About Myself| Trysten Levi
Dan was a normal teenage boy, other than the fact that he had no friends. No matter what school he went to people always bullied him. He had seen it all, from simple gla...
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Boys Who Chase Boys | Phan by I_N_S_A_N_E
Boys Who Chase Boys | Phanby ✖ Al ✖
Boys Who Chase Boys is the exact way Phil sees Dan. Dan sees Phil as well Boys Who Don't Chase Dan. Dan has a crush on his best friends of many years, Phil, but can't ex...
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Why Can't You Be Real? | ⭐Phan⭐ by Issisaur
Why Can't You Be Real? | ⭐Phan⭐by Issisaur
- Phil always had a company next to him in every situation. It's just so sad that his friend isn't real. -.Not yet.
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This Is Were I Come In (A Dan Howell X Reader FanFiction) by danandphil34
This Is Were I Come In (A Dan Danielle Howell
You lived in a place were it was just awful then onr day he walks in
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Day & Night {phan} by skskskskskskksksksk
Day & Night {phan}by Bleh
Phil is the Day. Dan is the Night. What will happen when the day meets the night. Thanks to the person who made the cover which inspired me to write this.
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Save me. || Phan || by malummm95
Save me. || Phan ||by malummm95
Dan Howell is a typical fanboy who spends all his time on the internet in the dark of his room, watching a boy named Phil Lester. What will happen when Dan finally meets...
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Dan And Phil Jokes by heartstabilizers
Dan And Phil Jokesby 🦇 batty boy 🦇
Dan and Phil are my children. [Property of Previous Owner: Cecilia] [Credit to Tumblr]
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Care For Coffee? A Phanfiction by zalden123
Care For Coffee? A Phanfictionby Alden
Phil Lester is a young man, working in a small London coffee shop with his flatmate, Sabrina. Life in the coffee shop isn't to interesting, unless you enjoy hearing cust...
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My little Lion by Howellester13
My little Lionby Amazing_Phan_Is_Not_On_Fire
Hi I'm Dan Howell, Im gay yes I'm open about it. Hello I'm Phil Lester, I have many friends well some, and I have a secret well its not a secret its just I've nerver to...
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Phan, Behind The Camera. by flower_crowned_phan
Phan, Behind The flower_crowned_phan
Phil Lester and Dan Howell hae two YouTube chanells, each one being popular. Everyone loves their on-screen connection. But what about off screen? What happens when nobo...
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I Sorta Love You by KikiLeeleePhandom
I Sorta Love Youby KikiLeeleePhandom
A Phan Fiction
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Phil Lester One-Shots by Vans_in_May
Phil Lester One-Shotsby McSneaky
A collection of Phil Lester One-Shots + See part 1 of the book to leave requests/ideas or questions + -- Welcome to my book of Phil Lester One-Shots! These are all writt...
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