How it all begun

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Tyler's POV

~About a year earlier~

I rub my tired eyes for what seems like the hundredth time, I hate this part of the job; all this studying and reading is making me feel like I am back in school. I turn the page again and start reading, I look at my watch and see that it is already eight pm. Can someone just please come save me? Maybe I just don't want to go home, it's not like I got anything to go home too.

My desk phone starts ringing and I lazily answer it, "what's up Frank?" I ask the receptionist that is downstairs.

"Um...Jean is here to see you and she doesn't look too happy," he whispers the last part probably because he doesn't want her to hear it. Gosh, what is she doing here? I hate being with her in private, I can't believe I have a crush on a girl who loves torturing me.

"When is she ever happy, Frank?" I ask him sarcastically. I've known this girl for a few months and she is never happy. Every time she meets with me, there is a lot of yelling involved, but I don't mind I enjoy seeing her. She frightens me, but I don't mind.

"Yeah, you're right, so send her up?" He asks. I sigh and look around my desk with papers all over. Books on top of books are open, maybe I need a little break. She must really need me if she comes to see this late.

"Send her up," I say hanging up the phone. I close the book I was reading and wait for her to come up.

A high knock comes on my door and I do not say anything knowing she'll get more annoyed. She knocks again, but even louder, I scratch my throat and tell her to come in. A very angry Jean comes in and takes a seat on one of my chairs. She is wearing a red pencil skirt that stops just above her knees leaving her long caramel legs for everyone to see. Her blue blouse leaves some of her chests on display, she has-. Jean scratches her throat and I look up to her light brown eyes to see anger.

Getting up from my chair, I lean on the top of my desk in front of her, "what can I help you with, Jean?" I ask. It's hard to concentrate when she's here.

She huffs and rolls her eyes at me, "you know exactly why I am here," I actually have no idea why she is here. That's the problem with her, she is always accusing me of something I don't even know I did. "Your detectives are harassing my client." She adds. They're not my detectives.

"Jean, if you have a problem with them, tell their chief not me," I tell her.

"Nope, they have nothing to charge my client with and if they keep on going to her job, I will be forced to do things I don't want to." She snaps back at me. What can she do, get them fired or something? I swear Jean be playing, maybe that's why I like her.

"Not my problem," I tell her.

"The problem is, it is. If I get one more call from my client telling me one of them were near her, I will file a restraining order against the whole office. Now I know you don't have time to get a restraining order canceled and get a warrant at the same time if you do get something to charge her with."

"No?" I ask her. I don't know if that was a question or statement. Regardless, she is right I have other cases to worry about, I don't have time for that piece of shit. "I'll take care of it," I tell her. She smiles and gets up from her seat, a fake smile, I've never seen her smile a genuine smile. "Will that be all?" I ask her.

"Yeah, I think we've reached an understanding," she says standing in front of me. She is now the same height as me because I was leaning on my desk and because of her big girl heels. She stands there looking at me without moving, did she want something else?

I nervously gulp down, this girl frightens me. She drops her smile trying to say something, but she fells miserably. I raise my eyebrows at her to see if she needs something, but she still doesn't say anything.

She walks closer to me making me more nervous. I don't like being this close to her, she does something to me. Unexpectedly, she kisses me, I pull away immediately and put my head down. Jean, what are you doing? The last thing I need right now is a defense attorney accusing me of sexual assault.

Okay, maybe I dreamed about this happening one day, but a dream is a dream. "Tyler," she whispers. I look up at her, she never calls me my first name. That's unprofessional.

"Jean," I whisper back, "what are you doing?" I ask her even though I already know the answer. Her lips, they look so soft, so kissable, okay, stop thinking like that. She is like my rival, we are not supposed to do anything that can interfere with our work.

"I'm sorry," she says turning around to walk away. I pull her hand making her hit my chest. Without thinking I slam my lips into hers.


Do you guys think Tyler was wrong to kiss Marie-Anne back?

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