Chapter 5

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C H A P T E R 5

"You know, maybe this isn't such a good idea."

After the week had finally dragged on, here I am sitting in my room with Keeley putting her plan into action. Trystan had stopped trying to talk to me - thank god - although sometimes he does give me unnerving looks like he's holding my biggest secret.

Oh wait, he is.

The rest of my classes pass uneventfully, and Finn has dropped the idea that he knows me from somewhere. He's actually pretty funny, and I would class us as sort of friends. We usually end up doing the work as Cameron ends up chatting to Charity, but its slightly more interesting when he starts chucking frog guts at the group in front of us.

I'm scared that now that my life has settled back into it's normal routine, this party will reveal it all.

Keeley doesn't even look up from rifling through my selection of dresses, frowning and tutting in disapproval at my lack of dresses. "Jade, when have any of my ideas ever been good?" She asks skeptically, holding up a bright yellow dress.

I cringe at the hideous dress, remembering when my mum had skipped into my room two years ago and announced she had bought the most amazing dress for me. I wasn't exactly enthusiastic at the thought, and even less so when she pulled the shin length yellow dress, complete with puffy sleeves.

One thing you should know: I love every single colour in this world, except yellow. So I had to force a smile and pretend I loved the dress, when in reality I chucked it to the back of my cupboard and haven't looked at it since.

"Wow, this is very yellow," she comments, smirking at the look on my face. "Why don't you wear this?"

"No thank you." I throw my pillow at the dress, but miss and hit Keeley in the face instead. I burst out laughing, as she throws the dress to the growing 'reject' pile and glares at me.

"God do you have anything that's shorter then your knees?" Keeley huffs after another ten minutes of looking, staring at all my dresses on the floor in dismay. I had kicked the yellow dress under the bed, in case my mother walked in and decided I should wear that.

"It's not like I knew you would come up with this ridiculous plan to dress us up like sluts so we can get into the party," I defend myself, glancing at the clock. "Make your mind up; we only have an hour left till the guys get here."

She purses her lips, and then suddenly a grin falls onto her lips and she pokes her head back into the cupboard. "Remember Christmas last year?" She shouts at me from the recess of my cupboard.

"Yes...?" I answer hesitantly, wary of the giddy excitement in her voice that usually leads into some kind of trouble.

"I brought over two dresses for both of us, for the Christmas party," she explains, facing me again with dresses in her hand. "I left them here after and never remembered; until now."

My eyes widen, as I look at the black and red dresses Keeley is clutching tightly in her hands. "Your brother called me a prostitute wearing that dress Keels," I groan, eyeing the sparkly red material Keeley had convinced me to wear.

Keeley's twin brother Nathan constantly teased Keeley and I, so I wasn't very pleased when he told me to go wait on the street corner instead of an innocent Christmas party. I simply replied, "Go to hell."

"That's the point my dear friend," Keeley winks, and chucks the black dress at me. "Your turn to wear black; I'm going to go red."

As I pull my off my ratty pyjamas, I can tell Keeley is thrilled at the thought of breaking the rules. It's not like we usually have a reason to crash a popular party; so this is a great opportunity for her.

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