Chapter 4

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C H A P T E R 4

"I see you've dropped the whole gangster look," Jordan comments when Keeley and I join him and Cameron at our usual spot before school.

Keeley and Cameron had been my best friends from primary school, so we joined high school together we agreed to meet before school at the large oak tree outside the entrance. When Jordan joined school in Year 8, he joined in out little tradition.

"Yeah well I decided that I didn't want my parents to think I'm having a depressive mood," I say, hoisting myself up onto the small wall circling the tree trunk. It was built since someone kept carving rude things into the wood.

This someone is in fact Brett Collins who is in fact a popular, who though it was hilarious permanently etching the word penis into a tree. Of course no one told him off because he'd probably have someone assassinate you in the middle of the night.

Brett is not someone to mess with.

"What, like last time?" Keeley laughs, easily jumping up to sit beside me so the four of us are sitting in a line.

"Please let's not bring that up," I groan, letting my face fall into my hands.

"That was, hands down, one of the funniest things I've ever seen," Cameron snickers.

"No, it wasn't."

"This is why I love your parents," Keeley grins, and then launches into a detailed account of the story I'm constantly teased about.

It happened towards the end of Year 9, close to the summer holidays. I was walking home because my parents had to work late and I needed to walk home. I had been in a good mood, so when I had seen a fat ginger cat sitting by the road I had stopped to stroke it.

I had incidentally forgotten my brothers warning about the fat ginger cat who lived a few streets down, that scratched anyone who came near it. Yes, the stupid cat did scratch me twice down my arm before running off.

I went home and it was done, until my mum saw the scratches. She, like my dad, is a doctor and was immediately concerned. I tried to explain that it was a cat but she was convinced that I was self harming. Finally, I took her to see the damn cat that scratched me and she finally believed me.

It's over now, but of course my friends coulda let it go. "And then, she actually made her mum see the cat for Mrs Brooks to believe her," Keeley finished off her story, receiving the usual loud laughter.

I can't help but smile at it, but decide it's time for a subject change. "So guys," I announce loudly, cutting off whatever embarrassing thing Cameron had to say. "What are the plans for crashing this party only four days away?"

"I'm glad you reminded me!" Keeley says excitedly, thankfully forgetting about the ginger cat story. She starts rummaging around in her bag, flicking blonde strands of hair out of her face. "It's here somewhere," she mutters. "Ah! Here we go."

I stare at her as she pulls out a large red notebook, the front plastered clearly with the words My Plans. "Jesus, not the plan book," Jordan complains, his dark eyes widening at the familiar notebook.

"Never diss the plan book," Keeley warns gravely, slamming down the book with a large thump onto her knees. "This book has helped us sort out many problems."

"And given us many more to worry about," I add, thinking about the disasters Keeley's so called 'plans' have lead us into.

"Give me a chance will you? So-" she's interrupted in the process of opening the book by the bell which gives off a shrill ring. Everyone in the parking lot start to swarm towards the building, and Cameron, Jordan and I are saved. For now.

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