Chapter 2

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C H A P T E R 2

When I wake up, my eyelids are a warm pink which means it was one of those rare days where my parents let me sleep in late. Usually, they make me get up before 10:30, always saying You need to start the day before it ends.

Rubbish. The day is never complete if I don't get my beauty sleep. That's when I remember my friends sleeping over, and then all the other events of last night flood my mind like a video.

"Oh crappity crap," I mutter, turning over to press my face into the pillow. Instead I end up coming face first with the air, and realise I had just rolled off the sofa onto the hard floor. "Ow!" I yelp, my cry of pain muffled by the floor.

I sit up, rubbing my face and blinking blearily. Sunlight was streaming through the window and filling the whole room, which was devoid of anyone else. I could hear voices coming from the kitchen and knew the others must have decided to make breakfast.

I get up, and prepare myself for an onslaught of questions. But I had enough of my own questions to answer, such as, How can I go back to school now? What if Trystan or Finn find out who I am? What if it goes around the school I'm a stalker slut?

I shake my head, hoping the questions would leave me alone. I walk into the kitchen, where the smell of bacon and pancakes was calling to me.

Jordan was cooking something in the frying pan, but I didn't worry too much because Jordan was an amazing cook. Keeley and Cameron were both chatting with plates of pancakes, although Cameron was mainly stuffing them down his throat while Keeley talked.

"Morning," I greet them, slumping into a seat next to Cameron. Jordan slides over a plate filled with bacon, and I smile gratefully at him. "How is everyone?"

"Nope, nice try but you're not getting out of it that easily," Keeley smirks, swiping one of my bacon pieces and chewing it. "So what happened last night?"

I sigh, knowing they wouldn't leave me alone until I told them. I explained everything from the moment I climbed up the wall to jumping out of the window and running away with Jordan in tow. I keep my eyes on my plate the whole time, avoiding there stares.

There's a silence when I finish, and I look up slowly. Cameron bursts out laughing, Keeley looks as if she wants to laugh as well but she's too shocked and Jordan...well, he just gives me a bemused smile.

"You just jumped out of the window? Classic!" Cameron says between laughs, bending over in a fit of hysteria. I feel my cheeks burn and Keeley joins in his laughter, her brown eyes filled with amusement. "Oh my god you sound crazy! Well, you are to be fair."

"Hey, shut up," I retort, knowing it was true. "I'd like to see how you act in that situation," I add stiffly, eating my bacon to feel better.

"I wouldn't put myself in that situation," Keeley points out, and I narrow my eyes at her.

"Liar! You would totally sneak into Trystan's room, we all know you have a secret infatuation with him!"

"Secret infatuation with who?" We all look up to see Callum standing in the doorway, running his hand through his bed head while giving me a quizzical look. "Is there something you're not telling me?"

I watch as Keeley's face goes blank, and her mouth opens as she gapes at Callum. "I..." I smirk at her speechless expression, feeling mean enough to not help her out. She had been laughing at my predicament before.

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