Chapter 1

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C H A P T E R 1

The bottle slowly comes to a stop on me, for the first time in the night. I grin and raise an eyebrow at my friends. "You already know I'm going to say dare," I grin, "so what's it going to be?"

Keeley and Cameron roll their eyes at my unwavering confidence, but Jordan was too busy lying on my sofa and stuffing his face with popcorn to particularly care. After watching a bunch of comedy films, I had suggested we play a game of truth or dare at 10:30 on a Friday night because unlike normal teenagers, my best friends and I didn't go out to parties but usually stayed in. Keeley had organised a sleepover, which basically meant childish games and lots of films.

"Okay, let us just think up a dare suited for our majesty here," Cameron scoffs, turning around with Keeley to decide something for me. They pull Jordan down, who protests at his popcorn munching session being interrupted, but joins them in conferring.

I'd done quite a few dares before, but I'd have to say the biggest dare I'd done was run through the park in only a bikini, singing Twinkle twinkle little star. People had been talking about the crazy girl in the park at school, but no one figured out it was me and thankfully the rumours died down. Only my best friends and I knew the truth. A truth I hoped stayed between us, for my own sake; I didn't want to end up in a mental asylum anytime soon.

"Okay we've got it!" Jordan announces, spinning around with the bowl of popcorn clutched in his hands. "I think this one is perfect."

"I'll do anything you give me," I say stubbornly, raising my chin. "I doubt anything can beat running around the public park half naked."

"Yeah...that's matter of opinion," Cameron says, his blue eyes flashing devilishly.

Keeley quickly jumps in, looking excited about getting revenge for me making her drink cat pee. "You'll do anything will you?"Keeley smirks, a mischievous glint lighting up her brown eyes. "I dare you, Jade Elsie Brooke, to break into Trystan Woods house and steal a pair of his boxers without him finding out."

My eyes widen in shock, as I allow myself a few stunned seconds to process what Keeley had just dared me to do. "What?!" I splutter in shock, wondering if she'd lost her mind. "I can't...but - you know we never even talk to any of the populars, forget break into their house and steal their underwear!"

"Ah, but I do recall the words I'll do anything you give me? in this conversation somewhere?" Cameron reminds me cockily, tilting his head as if offering me the challenge. "Sound familiar, Jade?"

This was crazy. I know it didn't sound as bad as running through a park half naked, but if you went to our school you would understand. I liked not having anything to do with the populars, just going through high school with my best friends. Blending into the background was in fact an agreeable way to coast through school, not having to worry about undue or unwanted attention.

But you'll lose your reputation if you don't do it, the voice at the back of my head reminds me. I suck in a deep breath, and make up my mind. "Okay. I accept your dare," I say firmly, nodding. "I mean, I doubt Trystan's even home. It's a Friday night, populars don't stay in on Friday."

"You're doing it?" Keeley asks in disbelief at the same time as Jordan exclaims, "She's doing it!"

"Oh my god, you will touch Trystan Woods underwear you lucky girl," Keeley gushes, hugging me and seeming to forget that it was her insane idea. "You will be living every girls dream!"

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