More Than Blue Eyes

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      I traced my steps back up the stairs as Catherine went to Zion's old room decorated with older cars. The walls of the room were a dark blue. I made it to the small room where I last saw Jonathan, when I opened the door it creaked. The room was quiet. The door was still open so it provided enough lite to notice there was more than blue eyes.

     I flipped the lite switch hopping I was seeing things. But I saw in that small room there was maybe 9 to 13 people waiting. Where they waiting on me?  I was picking out as many faces as possible. In the middle of all the faces was Jonathan. Sitting on the floor was Leigha? Michelle? Dolton? Amiliah? Maddy? Tolhula? Ashlyn? Zoe? It was most of my school friends and their younger siblings. The rest of the faces were unfamiliar.

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