Just Alittle Longer In The Squintzer's Place

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     "How much longer is it gonna take the product to kick in?" I questioned the tall man. "Maybe a month or 2" Albert answered expecting me to sigh in relief, but I explained quickly getting up to a yell "I'm not gonna stay much longer. If the test isn't over by next week I'm leaving!" " I won't let you!" he screamed at me in anger. I stomped of to my room as he started mumbling under his breath.

       I clenched the doorknob in disbelief as I turned it to quietly leave my room. I went just across the hall to a secret room that only I went in. I would go in that room to cool down or think about something I wanted to concentrate on. I slowly turned the doorknob to keep quiet then quickly walked in the room. As I turned around to sit in the very uncomfortable rocker I saw something that I thought I would never see again.

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