One Boring Day Left

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    I finally woke at 10:00 when I normally wake at 8:30, but I had fell asleep late last night. It was probably 1:00 or 2:00 by the time I fell asleep. I couldn't fall asleep because I had to much roaming my mind. I couldn't help but wonder about what will happen Thursday.

    Catherine called out through the kitchen door "come and get it!" Catherine may be pateat but she is defiantly not quiet. She is as loud as someone pinching a buffalo's stomach with a microphone up to its mouth and a speaker as big as heaven. Yeah, she's loud! Me and Pringals hopped up from the place on my bed where we were cuddled up. We raced to the kitchen to get a good whiff of what Catherine was cooking. She had made breakfast for everyone! She made the fantastic eggs, BACON, biscuit, and grits.

      Catherine wore a beautiful blue apron with lace bordering the edges. Her hair was in little blonde ringlets with a ribbon to top it all of. Underneath the blue apron she wore a soft pink mid-thigh lights dress. She never wore shoes in the house because like me she never wanted to wear shoes. So, the last thing she would do getting ready was put her silver heals on her miniature feet.

    Pringals stared at me with a glare that asked for food to drop at his feet. Pringals was a small dog that was a scruffy grey and little white paws that resembled miniature gloves. And a little white on the tip of his tail. He was a cute mut, but I never knew what kind of dog he was.

      I gave Catherine a big hug before she left to go to work. I raced up the stairs to my room after she left. I was going to get my giggets and gadgets together to leave with Jonathan and Zion. I turned Pandora on on my phone and listened as I packed to leave tomorrow.

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