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What's for supper?

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"Baby, I'm back!" I shouted to the empty apartment. I just got back from the grocery store to realize Jonathan wasn't home, he must have left to get something.

Well, I'm Makena and I live here with my boyfriend Jonathan and my little brother Zion. We live in an ok sized apartment known as Flower Woods.

"Zion, are you ready for dinner?" I questioned through the small yet roomy kitchen. "Am I ready? Do you really have to ask me that? Of course I'm ready!" he must be hungry, but then again when is he not?!?! As he stretched his legs as far as he could to get in here as fast as possible he exclaimed "what are we having?" I answered him with "Lasagna". He glared at me like I bought him a lifetimes supply of popcorn. If you are cerious, he is in love with popcorn! Sometimes I'm scared he's going to marry it.

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