Missing the Old Me

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Its taking longer than I expected to test the product. I really miss seeing all my friends and family throughout my daily life. I haven't seen anyone other than Albert (the man that brought me to this house large enough for a giant to get lost), Catherine (Albert's wife), Zion, and Pringals (the small mut that sleeps with me on my bed).

       I get lonely up here by myself. I used to live with Zion and Jonathan. We all went to school throughout the day. After school we would run all of our erans so we could get home and relax.

         Me and Jonathan are 16, I'm only a few months older, but sometimes he acts older. Zion is 13, he has brown eyes and long black eyelashes that complement his every feature, with brown flippy hair and freckles covering his face. I have blonde mid length hair, with eyes that change with that I'm wearing, hardly any freckles, and braces. Jonathan has beautiful blue eyes that you get lost in, brown hair and the sweetest heart anyone could have.


     I hate not having anyone to talk to and here there is no one!

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