Quiet Kisses

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      As I sat on his lap with my arms wrapped around his neck and his arms wrapped around my waist, me still sobbing from the shock of seeing him again, he barley whispered " shhh it's gonna be okay." Then the blue eyed sweetheart kissed me tenderly on the cheek. It was one of those sweet, soft, short kisses that made your hole soul flip. He kissed me many times on the lips before I left back to my room so it wasn't suspicious. But before leaving I questioned why he was here. He explained his troubles, almost the same troubles I've had throughout my coming. 

       We had planned to leave Thursday, so only one dreadful day left in this huge lonely house. I was told by Jonathan to meat him at 5:00pm tomorrow, in the same room we met in today, so we could work everything out and plan our leaving.

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